Professional Knowledge Questions for IBPS SO Marketing Mains 2017

Dear Aspirants,

Professional Knowledge Questions for IBPS SO Marketing Mains 2017
Test your Professional Knowledge of Marketing with this questionnaire to prepare for IBPS Marketing Officer Examination. To score in IBPS SO (Marketing) Mains candidate must have adequate knowledge of Marketing Planning, New Product Life Cycle, Segmentation, Consumer Behaviour, Brand Management and more. This quiz covers important chapters of Marketing to help you prepare for the exam.

Q1. The kind of market dealing with the exchange of liquid assets is known as___________________
(a) Physical Market
(b) Financial Market
(c) Knowledge Market
(d) Virtual Market
(e) Auction Market

Q2. What is a catchy short musical tune containing product information, phone no., story, benefits of a product etc. which is used for advertising and other commercial purposes known as?

(a) Slogan
(b) Name
(c) Logo
(d) Jingle
(e) None of the above
Q3. Product mix, also known as product assortment, is the total number of product lines that a company offers to its customers. What is the term for the total number of products in the mix?
(a) Product Length
(b) Product Depth
(c) Product Width
(d) Product Consistency
(e) None of the above
Q4. In case of Consumer-Goods Market Testing, the test wherein the company selects certain stores in different geographic areas and ask them to keep its new product into their stores in return for a fee comes under_____________
(a) Test Market
(b) Pilot Testing
(c) Controlled Test Marketing
(d) Sales-Wave Research
(e) Simulated Test Marketing
Q5. Which type of Marketing Research will be done by a company when he has a very little information about the research problem and needs to gain insights into it before finding the solutions to it?
(a) Intervention Research
(b) Predictive Market Research
(c) Causal Market Research
(d) Descriptive Market Research
(e) Exploratory Market Research
Q6. When designing a marketing channel, there are numerous factors that need to be taken into consideration that relate to the final consumer’s expectations. Which of the following factors are considered?
(a) Time expectation of the customer
(b) Cost Saving
(c) Service Required
(d) Convenience
(e) All of the above
Q7. A popular Search engine optimization (SEO) practice __________________ include everything from creating online communities for customers to interact, to sponsoring events that help position a brand as part of a lifestyle.
(a) Brand Evangelism
(b) Guest Blogging
(c) Collateral Material
(d) Direct Mail
(e) Public Relations
Q8. Among the various functions performed by a marketing channel which one would come under transactional functions?
(a) Sorting
(b) Information Dissemination
(c) Risk Assumption
(d) Post-Purchase Service
(e) Financing
Q9. For the purpose of creating brand contacts and building brand equities a number of mediums are used by marketers. Which one of the following is/are among them?
(I) Factory Visits
(II) Consumer Communities
(III) Trade Shows
(IV) Social Cause Marketing
(a) Only (II) & (III)
(b) Only (I) & (III)
(c) Only (II) & (IV)
(d) Only (II), (III) & (IV)
(e) All of the above
Q10. Behavioristic Segmentation is based on actual customer behavior towards products. Out of the following which one is not a behavioristic variable?
(a) Benefits Sought
(b) Opinions
(c) User Status
(d) Brand Loyalty
(e) Occasions