Professional Knowledge Quiz for IBPS SO Marketing Officer 2017 :19 January 2017

Q1. All the variables which can be controlled by the manufacturer are called —
(a) Controllable demand variable 
(b) Uncontrollable demand variable 
(c) Out of bound demand variable 
(d) Inbound demand variable 
(e) Market efforts demand variable

Q2. Levels of market segmentation includes mass marketing, segment marketing, and ________ . 
(a) Positioning 
(b) Macro marketing 
(c) Industrial (B2B) Marketing
(d) Micro marketing
(e) None of above 

Q3. What is the process of dividing a Market into distinct groups of buyers, each of which might require separate products or Marketing Mixes ? 
(a) Market Segmentation
(b) Mass Marketing
(c) Micro Marketing
(d) Market Positioning
(e) Market Targeting 

Q4. Marketers find little reason to focus on lower income customers in most geographic markets : 
(a) True
(b) True when all customers are of same age group 
(c) True  when 50% of customer are unemployed 
(d) False 
(e) Partial False

Q5. The car industry does not use gender segmentation to cater for women, as men remain the dominant market for new cars in India :
(a) True 
(b) True when we consider Rural areas 
(c) True because India is a men dominant society 
(d) False in case of Urban areas 
(e) False

Q6. Which segmentation forms do marketers depends on most? 
(a) Demographic 
(b) No one method is used most 
(c) Psychographic 
(d) Geographic 
(e) None of these 

Q7. What is one of the characteristic of market segments that make them useful to marketers ? 
(a) Accessibility 
(b) Interactivity and accessibility
(c) Measurability, Accessibility, Substantiality and actionability 
(d) Substantiality 
(e) There are not such characteristics 

Q8. Marketing researches at Cumbria Ltd. repeated an experiment several times and discovered that the results produced each time were identical. This would suggest that the results were : 
(a) reliable 
(b) valid
(c) usable 
(d) predictable 
(e) None of these 

Q9. Ms. Mayawati is running for Parliament in the General Election. She needs to know the intended choices of the voters and will undertake a survey. All the voters of the Electoral Register in her constituency would be the study’s :
(a) sample
(b) dependent variable 
(c) population
(d) independent variable 
(e) None of these 

Q10. In GE Nine Cell Matrix Yellow colour indicate : 
(a) Expansion
(b) Select 
(c) Divest 
(d) All of the above 
(e) None of these 

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