Professional Knowledge Quiz for IBPS SO IT Officer 2017

Q1.Which one of the following registers determines the instruction is to be executed next?
(a)program counter
(b)status register
(c)instruction register
(d)program status word
(e)address register

Q2.A memory buffer used to accommodate a speed differential is called
(a)stack pointer
(d)disk buffer
(e)none of the above

Q3.Which one of the following is the address generated by CPU?
(a)physical address
(b)absolute address
(c)logical address
(d)all of the above
(e)none of the above

Q4.The page table contains?
(a)base address of each page in physical memory
(b)page offset
(c)page size
(d)frame number
(e)all of the above

Q5.Operating System maintains the page table for:
(a)each process
(b)each thread
(c)each instruction
(d)each address
(e)all of the above

Q6.Which one of the following explains the sequential file access method?
(a)random access according to the given byte number
(b)read bytes one at a time, in order
(c)read/write sequentially by record
(d)read/write randomly by record
(e)none of the above

Q7.A deadlock can be broken by : 
(a)abort one or more processes to break the circular wait
(b)abort all the process in the system
(c)preempt all resources from all processes
(d)to preempt some resources from one or more of the deadlocked processes
(e)both a and d

Q8.Thrashing _______ the CPU utilization.
(b)keeps constant
(e)none of the above

Q9.What is the mounting of file system?
(a)crating of a filesystem
(b)deleting a filesystem
(c)attaching portion of the file system into a directory structure
(d)removing portion of the file system into a directory structure
(e)none of the above

Q10.File system fragmentation occurs when:
(a)unused space or single file are not contiguous
(b)used space is not contiguous
(c)unused space is non-contiguous
(d)multiple files are non-contiguous
(e)none of the above

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