IBPS Clerk Mains Quantitative Aptitude Daily Mock 10th January: Data Sufficiency, Misc. DI and Approximation

Attempt Quantitative Aptitude Daily Mock for IBPS Clerk Mains. This Mock contains 15 questions of Probability, Permutation & Combination, Quantity Based and Quadratic Inequalities.

The quiz of Jan 10, 2020 consists of important topics of Quantitative Aptitude covering which will ensure your Sureshot selection in IBPS CLERK MAINS 2020 exam. Attempt all 15 questions of Data Sufficiency, Miscellaneous DI and Approximation within time limit.


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Directions (1-5): The following bar graph shows the marked price and line graph profit/loss percentage made on different items sold by a shopkeeper in a day.

Q1. The ratio of units sold by shopkeeper of Chair to table is 3:4 and he gives a discount of 20% on each item. If shopkeeper sold all the units of Table for Rs 168000, then find the profit made by shopkeeper by selling all the units of Chair.
(a)Rs. 26400
(b)Rs 21600
(c)Rs 25600
(d)Rs 36600
(e)Rs 18200

Q2. If discount percentage on Sofa and Chair is same as profit percentage on Chair and Sofa respectively, then find the average of cost price of Sofa and Chair. (Approx.)

Q3. The ratio of discount given by shopkeeper on Sofa to loss incurred on Bed is 22:3. If difference between selling price of sofa and discount given on sofa is Rs 1540, then find the cost price of bed?
(a)Rs 35400
(b)Rs 27800
(c)Rs 32250
(d)Rs 25200
(e)Rs 29400

Directions (6-10): The following questions are accompanied by two statements or three statements A, B and C. You have to determine which statement(s) is/are necessary/sufficient to answer the question.

Q6. 12 men can complete a work in 9 days. In how many days 15 women can complete the same work?
A. 10 women can complete the same work in 18 days.
B. 3 men are as efficient as 5 women.
C. 18 men can complete the same work in 6 days.
(a) Only A and B together
(b) Either A alone or B alone
(c) Only B alone
(d) Only A alone
(e) Any two of the three together

Q7. P, Q, R and S are four consecutives even integers. What is the value of the largest integer?
A. The average of the four numbers is the first prime number greater than 10.
B. The ratio between the largest and the smallest of the numbers is 7 : 4.
C. The squares of the sum of the smallest and the largest numbers is equal to the squares of the sum of the remaining two numbers.
(a) Any of them
(b) Any two of them
(c) C and either A or B
(d) Either A alone or B alone
(e) All statements are required

Q8. There are x Red, y Blue and 7 Green balls in the bag . What will be the value of y
When a ball is drawn out of the bag then its probability being Red is 5/18
When a ball is drawn out of the bag then its probability being Blue is 3/9
(a)Statement A alone is sufficient
(b)Statement B alone is sufficient
(c)Both statement A and B together are required
(d)Either statement A alone or statement B alone is sufficient
(e)Statement A and B together are not sufficient

Q9. What is the length of other side of triangle to which angle is given
Area of triangle is 24cm2 and angle between its base and one of the sides is 60 degree
Height of the triangle is 60% more than its base
(a)Statement A alone is sufficient
(b)Statement B alone is sufficient
(c)Both statement A and B together are required
(d)Either statement A alone or statement B alone is sufficient
(e)Statement A and B together are not sufficient

Q10. To find the three successive discounts ( r1 , r2 and r3 ), which of the following statement/s is/ are sufficient/necessary?
A. The resultant discount of the two successive discounts is 28%.
B. The resultant discount of the three successive discounts is 49.6%.
C. The third successive discount, r3 , is 30%.
(a) A and C are sufficient
(b) A and B are sufficient
(c) Any two statements are sufficient
(d) All three together are necessary
(e) All three even together are not sufficient

Directions (11-15): What approximate value will come in place of (x) in the following questions ?


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