Quantitative Aptitude Quiz For Bank Mains Exams 2021- 22nd January

Q1. Two men A and B are 60 km apart and walking towards each other with the speed of 10 kmph & 5 kmph respectively and a dog is running with speed of 12 kmph from man A towards man B & then again towards man A and so on, until A meets B. Find the distance travelled by the dog?
(a) 60 km
(b) 36 km
(c) 24 km
(d) 48 km
(e) 72 km

Q2. Two persons A and B start from some point ‘P’ and travelled in same direction. Ratio of speed of A to speed of B is 6 : 5. After 2 hours ‘A’ continues to move in same direction but B stops. After 5 hours distance between them becomes 100 km. Find the speed of A.
(a) 12 km/hr
(b) 24 km/hr
(c) 18 km/hr
(d) 60 km/hr
(e) 30 km/hr

Q3. The speed of car is 25% more than the speed of bus. The time difference between them to cover a certain distance D, is 1 hour. On particular day, driver noticed that if they are (D- 40) km apart from each other then they can meet in 2 hours driving in opposite direction at their normal speed. Find 150% of the speed of bus ?
(a) 150 km/hr
(b) 90 km/hr
(c) 120 km/hr
(d) 105 km/hr
(e) None of these

Q5. Two trains (A and B) are moving towards each other from station P and Q with speed of 50 km/h and 40 km/h respectively. When they meet, distance covered by faster train is 20 km more than slower train. Find after how much time they will meet, if they started at the same time?
(a) 2 hr
(b) 1 hr
(c) 3 hr
(d) 5 h
(e) 4 hr

Q6. Ratio between length of two trains is 4 : 3 and Speed of larger trains and smaller train is 72 km/hr and 90 km/hr respectively. If both trains cross each other in 28/3 sec, when running in opposite direction and longer train cross a platform in 33 sec, then find difference between length of platform and that of smaller train (in meters)?
(a) 360
(b) 120
(c) 280
(d) 240
(e) 440

Q7. Speed of train A is 20% more than that of train B. Both start from Chandigarh at same time and reach Delhi at same time and there is halt of 11 min for train A. Find the speed of train B. If distance between Chandigarh and Delhi is 330 km.
(a) 360 km/h
(b) 120 km/h
(c) 180 km/h
(d) 300 km/h
(e) None of these

Q8 Ratio between length of two trains is 1 : 2 and speed of two trains is 120 km/hr & 108 km/hr respectively and both trains running in same direction cross each other in 108 sec. If two compartments were added in smaller train then it can cross a platform of length of 12.5 times of length of one compartment in 14.04 sec, then find the time taken by longer train to cross that same platform, if five new compartments were added in to that train?
(a) 18 sec
(b) 22 sec
(c) 16 sec
(d) 20 sec
(e) 28 sec

Q9. Two trains A and B of length 400 m and (400 + x) m respectively are moving with same speed. If train A and B crosses a pole in 16 sec and 24 secs respectively then in what time train ‘B’ will cross 400 m long platform.
(a) 32 sec
(b) 40 sec
(c) 45 sec
(d) 54 sec
(e) 24 sec

Q11. Sumit can swim 12 km upstream and 16 km downstream in 5 hours. If ratio of speed of stream to that of speed of Sumit in upstream is 1 : 2, then find the speed of Sumit in still water.
(a) 6 km/hr
(b) 5 km/hr
(c) 4 km/hr
(d) 8 km/hr
(e) 7 km/hr

Q13. A motor boat cover 12 km of distance in upstream in 40 minutes. If speed of stream is 25% of speed of boat, then find in what time boat will cover distance of 135 km in downstream?
(a) 3.5 hours
(b) 4.5 hours
(c) 2.5 hours
(d) 1.5 hours
(e) 5.5 hours

Q14. Ratio of upstream speed of a boat to speed of river current is 4 : 1. It covers 42 km in downstream in T hours and 24 km in upstream in (T – 1) hours. Find speed of boat in still water.
(a) 5 km/hr
(b) 4 km/hr
(c) 6 km/hr
(d) 7 km/hr
(e) 8 km/hr

Q15. Speed of current is 10 km/hr and speed of a motor boat is 80% more than speed of current. Motor boat travels 280 km downstream with its usual speed, after that it’s increased speed by ‘s’ kmph and travelled for another 280 km then it returns and covers 560 km in upstream. If boat complete whole journey downstream to upstream in 45 hr, then find the value of ‘s’?
(a) 10 km/hr
(b) 8 km/hr
(c) 6 km/hr
(d) 12 km/hr
(e) 4 km/hr

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