Quantitative Aptitude Quiz For Bank Mains Exams 2021- 2nd February


Q3. If the cost price is same and the selling price is reduced by 40%, the profit gets reduced by 50%. If the selling price is increased by 20% then what will be the profit percentage?
(a) 400%
(b) 250%
(c) 500%
(d) 600%
(e) 750%

Q4. An article is sold at 30% profit. Had it been sold at Rs. 155 more than previous selling price and the cost price were also increased by Rs. 100 then profit percent would have been 5% more. Find CP of the article.
(a) Rs. 500
(b) Rs. 400
(c) Rs. 460
(d) Rs. 480
(e)none of these

Q5. Veer & Sameer entered into a business with the capital of Rs. 2A & Rs. (A + 400) respectively. After one-year Mohit joined with Rs. (2A + 600) and veer added Rs. 200 more. After one more year Shivam joined them with capital of Rs. 3A and Sameer added Rs 100. After 3 years, ratio of profit share of Mohit to Shivam is 4 : 1, then find the ratio of profit share of Veer, Sameer and Shivam respectively after 3 years?
(a) 26 : 35 : 7
(b) 26 : 35 : 9
(c) 26 : 35 : 8
(d) 26 : 37 : 9
(e) 26 : 45 : 9

Q6. Anurag and Yuvraj entered into partnership with Rs. 1400 and Rs. 1200 respectively. After three months, Anurag withdrew two-sevenths of his initial investment but after another three months Anurag puts back three-fifth of what he had withdrawn. The total profit at the end of the year is Rs. 14520. Find profit of Anurag?
(a) 7200 Rs.
(b) 7320 Rs.
(c) 14640 Rs.
(d) 7620 Rs.
(e) 7820 Rs.

Q7. Veer & Rituraj enter into a business with the capital of Rs. 3200 & Rs. 3000 respectively and after some time Ayush replace Rituraj with the capital equal to 66⅔% of investment of Rituraj. After 15 months, If profit share of Veer is 140% more than Ayush and profit share of Rituraj is 25% less than that of Ayush, then find time period of investment of Rituraj (in months)?
(a) 5
(b) 4
(c) 6
(d) 8
(e) 3

Q8. Ram, Veer and Virat invested Rs. 1250, (1250 + x) and (1250 + 2x) respectively in a business. After one year Divya joined them with the capital of Rs. 8x. If at the end of three years the profit of Divya is Rs. 12,000 out of total profit of Rs. 52,500, then find amount received by Virat, if he invested his initial investment’s amount at the rate of 10% per annum at CI for three years ?
(a) Rs.1929.25
(b) Rs.2029.25
(c) Rs.2129.25
(d) Rs.2229.25
(e) Rs.2329.25

Q9. A mixture contains milk and water in the ratio of 9 : 2. 44 lit of mixture is taken out and 12 lit of water is added to it, such that ratio of milk to water becomes 3:1. Now another mixture of 64 lit having milk and water in ratio of 3:5 is added to it. Find ratio of milk to water in the final mixture?
(a) 32 : 17
(b) 34 : 19
(c) 7 : 4
(d) 24 : 11
(e) 33 : 19

Directions (10-11): Two liters of mixture A is added to 3 liters of mixture B with ½ liters of water. Mixture A contains 12% water and mixture B contains 93% of wine and 7% of water.

Q10. Find the ratio of water and wine in new mixture if A contains only wine and water.
(a) 19 : 91
(b) 21 : 12
(c) 31 : 13
(d) 12 : 21
(e) 91 : 19

Q12. Rahul & Raj start a business partnership investing Rs 12000 & Rs 14000 & another friend Abhi joined them after x months by investing Rs 8000 & Raj left the business. If profit obtained by Abhi at the end of year is Rs 1200 out of total profit Rs 10800. Then find for how many months did Abhi invest his money?
(a) 10 months
(b) None of these
(c) 4 months
(d) 8 months
(e) 6 months

Q13. Archit calculates his profit% on SP & his friend Nik calculate profit % on CP. They find that the difference of profit between them is rs 450. If sp of both are same & both get 20% profit. Then find SP of each.
(a) 13500 rs
(b) 14500 rs
(c) None of these
(d) 12500 rs
(e) 15000 rs

Q14. A vegetable seller has 230 quintals of tomatoes at the rate of Rs. 10 per kg and 20% of tomatoes were rotten in packaging and thrown away. If seller sold half of the remaining tomatoes at the rate of Rs. 20 per kg, then at what price (per kg) should seller sell the remaining tomatoes to gain a total profit of 15% on the total quantity seller had (in Rs./kg)?
(a) 8.75
(b) 8.25
(c) 8.5
(d) 9.25
(e) 9.75

Q15. There are three vessels A , B and C, Vessel A and B filled with mixture of milk and Water in the ratio of 5 : 4 and 5 : 3 respectively. 25% of mixture from vessel A taken out and mixed in vessel C, which contains 45 l pure milk. If in resulting mixture milk is 250% more than water in vessel Cand initial quantity of mixture in vessel B is 20 l less than that of mixture in vessel A, then find the quantity of milk in vessel B?
(a) 180 liters
(b) 120 liters
(c) 80 liters
(d) 100 liters
(e) 140 liters

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