Quantitative Aptitude Quiz For Bank Mains Exams 2021- 3rd February

Q1. Abhishek and Ayush start travelling in same direction at 8 km/hr and 13 km/hr respectively. After 4 hours, Abhishek doubled his speed and Ayush reduced his speed by 1 km/hr and reached the destination together. How long the entire journey last ?
(a) 9 hr
(b) 8 hr
(c) 4 hr
(d) 7 hr
(e) 6 hr

Q2. A car covered 48 km less in T hours than a train, if speed of train is 25% more than speed of car, which is 64 km/hr and speed of an aircraft is 62½ % more than the sum of speed of car and train. Find how much distance will be covered by aircraft in (T – ¼) hour?
(a) 634.5 km
(b) 624.5 km
(c) 643.5 km
(d) 648.5 km
(e) 664.5 km

Q5. Speed of current is 10 km/hr and speed of a motor boat is 80% more than speed of current. Motor boat travels 280 km downstream with its usual speed, after that it’s increased speed by ‘s’ kmph and travelled for another 280 km then it returns and covers 560 km in upstream. If boat complete whole journey downstream to upstream in 45 hr, then find the value of ‘s’?
(a) 10 km/hr
(b) 8 km/hr
(c) 6 km/hr
(d) 12 km/hr
(e) 4 km/hr

Q6. Speed of a boat in still water is 20 km/hr and speed of current is 4 km/hr, if time taken by boat to cover a distance of (d – 40) km upstream is one hour more than the time taken by boat to cover a distance of (d – 24) km in downstream, then find time taken by boat to cover a distance of (d + 48) km in downstream and in upstream both?
(a) 16.5 hours
(b) 17 hours
(c) 18 hours
(d) 17.5 hours
(e) 18.5 hours

Q9. Length of a rectangular land is twice the radius of a circle of circumference 132 cm. The land area got increased by 144 sq.cm, when a square land is attached along the breadth of the rectangle. Find area of rectangle in sq.cm.
(a) 1008
(b) 257
(c) 504
(d) 756
(e) 1512

Q10. Difference between circumference of a circular vessel (candy maker) and its diameter is 60 cm. If is waste material and 16 square boxes required to pack remaining quantity of candy, then find side of each square box?
(a) 4 cm
(b) 8 cm
(c) 10 cm
(d) 5 cm
(e) 6 cm

Q13. In a bag, there are some red and total 9 black and yellow balls. Probability of selecting two red balls from that bag is 1/7 which is 250% of the probability of selecting two black balls. Find number of yellow balls in that bag if the number of black balls is even.
(a) 3
(b) 5
(c) 6
(d) 4

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