Quantitative Aptitude Quiz for Prelims Exams- SBI & IBPS 2020- 26th December

Q1. An article is sold at a profit of 4/15th of its CP to a person. That person further sold it at 20% loss for Rs. 684. Find the difference of original cost price of that article and SP of article for that person.
(a) Rs. 8
(b) Rs. 7
(c) Rs. 10
(d) Rs. 11
(e) Rs. 9

Q2. A train passed a platform of length 105 m in 10 seconds running at a speed of 81 km/hr. Find the time taken by the train to cross a pole?
(a) 5 ⅓ sec
(b) 6 sec
(c) 7 ½ sec
(d) 6 ⅓ sec
(e) 5 ⅔ sec

Q3. When a sum is invested at 8% p.a at SI for 2 ½ years, the interest received is Rs. 490. When double of that sum is invested at 2% p.a. higher than earlier rate for 2 year at CI then amount received is ?
(a) Rs. 5500
(b) Rs. 5808
(c) Rs. 5929
(d) Rs. 6050
(e) Rs. 6171

Directions (6–10): Given below table shows total employee of five companies prefer own vehicle for going office and percentage of employee prefer Metro & Bus for going office. Read the data carefully and answer the questions.

Note: There is only there mode of transport to reach office.

Q6. What is the difference between employees preferred metro from company S & T together to employees preferred bus from company T, P & S together?
(a) 571
(b) 581
(c) 561
(d) 589
(e) 597

Q7. Find the average number of employee in P & S ?
(a) 950
(b) 750
(c) 800
(d) 900
(e) 1050

Q9. Find the ratio between total employee prefer bus from company R and total employee prefer bus from company S?
(a) 48 : 19
(b) 48 : 13
(c) 48 : 23
(d) 48 : 11
(e) 48 : 7

Q10. Find total number of employee prefer metro from P,Q and R ?
(a) 1954
(b) 1855
(c) 1654
(d) 2014
(e) 1964

Directions (11-15):- Given bar graph shows the time of travel(in hours) taken by Ravi in 6 different days.

Q11. Distance travelled by Ravi on Tuesday is 20% more than that on Monday. Speed of Ravi on Tuesday is what percent of the speed of Ravi on Monday.
(a) 28%
(c) 140%
(d) 144%
(e) 116%

Q12. What is the ratio of distance travelled by him on Sunday to Saturday if ratio of his speed on these days is 2 : 3 respectively.
(a) 1:2
(b) 2:3
(c) 4:7
(d) 4:5
(e) None of these

Q13. Ravi travelled on Friday with 60 km/hr. Find the distance travelled by him on Friday if average of time of travelling for whole week is 15 hours.
(a) 1120 km
(b) 1020 km
(c) 1200 km
(d) 1100 km
(e) None of these

Q14. If he travelled a total 800 km on Thursday and Saturday together then find his average speed on both day.
(a) 30km/h
(b) 24km/ h
(c) 32 km/h
(d) 28km/h
(e) None of these

Q15. If his speed increases 10 km/hr every day from Monday then find the difference of distance travelled by him on Thursday and Tuesday.
(a) 300 km
(b) 200 km
(c) 150 km
(d) Cannot be determined
(e) None of these

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