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Rakshabandhan 2023, Date, History and All You Need to Know

Rakshabandhan 2023

Rakshabandhan is an auspicious occasion for celebrating the love of a brother and sister.  It is one of the famous festivals among the Hindu Community and is observed all over India. The soulful relationship between a brother and a sister is honored on this day. The purest bond of care and protection of a brother towards his sister is highlighted on this day. Rakshabandhan 2023 falls on the last day of the month per the lunar calendar and will be celebrated on 30 August 2023. This post will enlighten all the prominent aspects of Rakshabandhan 2023, its history, date, significance, and more.

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Rakshabandhan 2023 Date

It is efficient for everyone to grasp the right timing to celebrate Rakshabandhan 2023. So, we are highlighting some crucial points that you need to regard on Rakshabandhan 2023.

  • As per the regulations of the Hindu Calendar, on 30 August 2023, the auspicious timing of Rakshabandhan will start at sharp 10.58 AM. The following timing will be concluded at 7.05 AM on 31 August 2023.
  • On this Rakshabandhan Purnima bad timing is also sensed to occur on 30 August 2023, known as ‘Bhadra Nakshatra’.
  • The timing of ‘Bhadra Nakshatra’ will be concluding by 9.01 pm on August 30.
  • Many people consider this Nakshatra to be baleful. So, Rakshabandhan should be celebrated before 31 august 2023 by 7.05 AM.

These are some of the crucial timings everyone should remember before celebrating this magnanimous festival.

Rakshabandhan 2023 History

The origin of this beautiful festival known as Rakshabandhan is tied to the era of Gods and Goddesses. As per the befitting legend, once Draupadi the wife of Pandavas tied a small piece of cloth on the wrist of Lord Krishna when his finger was hurt. In return of this selfless favor Krishna promised to always protect Draupadi from all the evil happenings.

There are also other significant stories related to this heavenly festival, Rakshabandhan 2023. One of the crucial stories claims that, when Bahadur Shah was attacked, Mewar’s queen Rani Karnavati has sent a Rakhi to Humayun pleading help from the emperor. This gesture was highly appreciated by the emperor and he quickly rushed his military to help queen Karnavati. Rakshabandhan 2023 is an epitomic and joyous festival that just highlights the holy bond of a brother and sister.

Rakshabandhan 2023 Significance

The Rakshabandhan festival has a great influence over the Hinduism. Rakshabandhan 2023 is considered to be one of the honored festivals in India. Even a lot of folk tales are available related to Rakshabandhan and its significance. This year also, the festival will be celebrated with a lot of integrity and love. Sisters will tie a Rakhi on their Brother’s wrist and in favor they will ask for protection and love.

Rakshabandhan 2023 ‘Puja Vidhi’

Rakshabandhan includes a major ritual that has to be followed by everyone. A small plate will be decorated with diya (lamp), rice grains, Rakhi and sweets. Sisters will do the ‘Aarti’ and will tie Rakhi on the wrist of their brothers by applying tilak on their foreheads. Sisters will also pray for their brothers’ prosperity and well-being. In return, brothers will gift their sisters their favorite things and will promise  to protect them from all mishaps. The following ritual encircles the atmosphere with a spiritual notion. This is a significant aspect that you need to follow for Rakshabandhan 2023.

Rakshabandhan 2023 Celebrations

The most common form of celebration for Rakshabandhan 2023 will be a sister ties Rakhi on his brother’s wrist where the sacred bond will be celebrated. The brother will promise to safeguard his sister from all the baleful circumstances. The following celebration will be observed among all the states of India and the rituals may fluctuate from one region to the other. So, this Rakshabandhan make your bond stronger with your brother by showcasing your purest form of love towards them.


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When do we celebrate Rakshabandhan 2023?

We will celebrate Rakhshabandhan 2023 on 30 August.

What is the significance of Rakshabandhan 2023?

On Rakshabandhan 2023 a sister ties a Rakhi on her brother's wrist and pray for their prosperity.

What is the history of Rakshabandhan 2023?

The history of Rakshabandhan 2023 has been mentioned in the article above.

How Rakshabandhan is celebrated?

The foremost form of celebrating Rakshabandhan 2023 has been given in the article.

What is the auspicious time of Rakshabandhan 2023?

The auspicious timing of Rakshabandhan 2023 will be until 7.05 AM on 31 August 2023.