RBI Assistant Quantitative Aptitude Daily Mock 1 February 2020: Quantity Based, Word Problem and Approximation

RBI Assistant Exam is one of the most popular exams in the banking sector. RBI Assistant Prelims exam schedule on 14th and 15th February 2020. Today we will be providing you Quantitative Aptitude Quiz on- Quantity Based, Approximation and Word Problem. For more preparation, you can also follow the RBI Assistant Study Plan for prelims which is provided on bankersadda.

Q1. Ajay and Vijay travel the same distance at the rate of 3.5 km per hour and 4 km per hour respectively. If Ajay takes 45 minute longer than Vijay, find the total distance travelled by Ajay and Vijay together ?
(a) 21 km
(b) 45 km
(c) 25 km
(d) 42 km
(e) 30 km

Q2. Without stoppage, Kalpana travel’s bus travels a certain distance with an average speed of 60 km/hr, and with stoppage, it covers the same distance with an average speed of 45 km/hr. On an average, how many minutes per hour does the bus stop during the journey ?
(a) 25 min
(b) 30 min
(c) 45 min
(d) 20 min
(e) 15 min

Q3. A man complete a journey in 15 hours. He travels first one fourth of journey at the speed of 15 km/hr and remaining journey at the speed of 45 km/hr. Find the total journey in km.
(a) 500 km
(b) 600 km
(c) 450 km
(d) 650 km
(e) 350 km

Q4. 45 women can do a work in 10 days and 30 men can complete the same work in 18 days. What is the ratio between the capacity of men and women ?
(a) 25 : 21
(b) 6 : 5
(c) 7 : 18
(d) 5 : 6
(e) 5 : 9

Q5. Ram takes 3 hours more than Shyam to cover a distance of 45km. If Ram doubles his speed, then he takes 2 hours less than Shyam. Find the speed of Ram ?
(a) 6 km/hr
(b) 4.5 km/hr
(c) 9 km/hr
(d) 5 km/hr
(e) 10 km/hr

Directions (6-10): What approximate value should come in place of the question mark (?) in the following questions?

Directions (11 – 15): In the following questions, we have two quantities given. Compare these quantities and answer accordingly.
(a) Quantity I > Quantity II
(b) Quantity I < Quantity II
(c) Quantity I ≥ Quantity II
(d) Quantity I ≤ Quantity II
(e) Quantity I = Quantity II or No relation

Q11. Quantity I: Distance travelled at speed of 50 Kmph when A car travels a distance of 170 Km in 2 hrs partly at a speed of 100 kmph and partly at a speed of 50 kmph.
Quantity II: Husbands Present age. The average age of a husband, his wife and son 3 years
ago was 27 years and that of his wife and son 5 years ago was 20 years. What is the
husband’s present age?

Q12. Quantity I: 18
Quantity II: Distance between A and B when A boat travels upstream from B to A and
downstream from A to B in 3 h. If the speed of the boat in still water is 9 Km/h and the
speed of the current is 3 Km/h

Q13. Quantity I: No of telegraph poles counted by him in 4 hours. A railway passenger counts the telegraph poles on the rail road as he passes them. The telegraph poles are at a distance of 50 m
while the speed of the train is 45 Km/h?
Quantity II: Distance covered by Anjali @ 108 kmph in 12 hours with a break of 15 minutes for every 4

Q14. Quantity I, cost price of book (in Rs) : If the book is sold at a profit of 5% instead of 5% of loss, the shopkeeper get Rs 18 more.
Quantity II, selling price of bottle (in Rs) : A shopkeeper marked up the price of the bottle by 50% and gives a discount of 50/3% The cost price of the bottle is Rs 160.

Q15. Quantity I, time taken by leakage to empty the filled tank alone (in min): Pipe A alone and pipe B alone can fill a tank in 20 minutes and 30 minutes respectively. But it is found that there is leakage in a tank, due to which pipes takes 3 minutes extra to fill the tank when both pipe open together.



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