RBI Officer Grade-B Interview Experience – Shruti Rajat Srivastava

I am sharing my RBI Grade B experience. After all sought of biometric and document verification my turn came. Interview panel comprised of 5 members. Few were members of RBI Board of services too I think. In quick span now sharing the questions raised.
Q1- Where do you come from and what your city is famous for?
Me- Told.

Q2- Tell us about your strength and weakness?
Me- Told.

Q3- What is Brown Label ATM?
Me- Sir, ATM where investments, installation and maintenance comes under a private firm operator but license and branding is done by a commercial bank.

Q4- Tell us something about overdraft protection?
Me- Overdraft protection is a service that is provided by a bank to their customers.

Q5- Please make this clear further to us?
Me- For instance, if a customer holds two accounts in the same bank, and if one of the account lags in cash transaction, then bank will transfer money from one of his account to another, to prevent transaction failure.

Q6- You mentioned yourself as good orator, tell us one strong reason financially to support merger of PSB’ s ?
Me- For meeting stringent norms under BASEL 3, the bigger banks need not struggle and smaller banks financial health will improve too.
Q7- But this may evenly distribute weakness of smaller banks transferred to bigger banks also?
Me- But sir, in long run and in positive perspective it will financially support the loss of smaller banks.
Q8- According to you which is the biggest bank in the world in present era? Do let us know the source?
Me- Chinese Bank, Source Forbes.

Q9- There is nothing called the chinese bank, what is its official name?
Me- Industrial and Commercial bank of China(ICBC)

Q10- Can you tell its total asset value?
Me- Sorry sir, I don’t remember.

Q11- Before ICBC, which institution was leading in the list?
Me- Eurozone (but not sure)
Q12- You are right?
Me- Thank you sir.
Q13-Which denomination coin did RBI issued recently?
Me- Rs. 150, on the occasion 150th birthday of Rabindranath Tagore.
Q14-Ok, since you are already in SBI, what if you don’t get shortlisted in the final list?
Me- Sir, to be honest, i sincerely want to be part of this prestigious organisation, i tried my best too, it would be biggest day in my life if get shortlisted and now looking forward towards only UPSC CSE Mains.

Q15- Ok you can go, All the best for final results.
Me- Thank you.
Overall it was moderate.  At this moment I want to thank each of my peers, few special ones like Krystal, Zlatan, Jay, Mishti, Nikhil, Pragya, Gaurav sir, Achal sir, Kajal Mam, Prashant sir and team BA. 
At last, I want to add, friends, be very confident and tenacious for points you express in the interview. The panel does not want candidates who have learned all answers by heart, but they want the ones with actual knowledge. So try to get well acquainted with current affairs not just of India but of the world as well. I wish each one of you very good luck for future ventures.
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