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Reasoning Quiz For Bank Mains Exam 2024-03rd April

Directions (1-5): Answer the questions based on the information given below.
In certain code language,
‘Board control processed language jump’ is coded as ‘L@2 (1) N@8 R#6 F$4’
‘Element number with reversals’ is coded as ‘T#6 Q@4 G$6 Y@2’
‘Grounded (2) inked known’ is coded as ‘J@6 K$4 M$2 X#8’
‘Tested fresh meeting acknowledgement’ is coded as ‘H$2 W@4 P$6 C#10’

Q1. What will come in the place of (2)?
(a) Vernacular
(b) Vaccination
(c) Vandalize
(d) Variety
(e) Vacancy

Q2. What will the code for ‘School Times’ as per the given coded language?
(a) U@4 W$4
(b) Y@4 W#4
(c) V#4 W@2
(d) V#B W@4
(e) V@4 W$4

Q3. The code ‘D#10’ is coded for which of the following words?
(a) Beautiful
(b) Australia
(c) Counting
(d) Ultimate
(e) None of these

Q4. What is the code for the word ‘Nature’?
(a) Q#6
(b) Q@6
(c) W@4
(d) W#6
(e) None of these

Q5. What will come in place of (1)?
(a) D@4
(b) D$4
(c) D@8
(d) D#6
(e) None of the above


Solutions (1-5):
For the letters: Letters for the given code are the letters, which corresponds to the second succeeding consonant (as per the English alphabetical series) of the first letter of the word.
For example, in a word ‘utilise’ 2nd succeeding consonant of ‘U’ is ‘W’ similarly in the word ‘control’ 2nd succeeding consonant is ‘F’.
For the Symbols: There are 3 types of symbols are used in the given coded language i.e., @, # and $.
If the total number of alphabets in a word is an odd number but not a prime number, use symbol #.
If the total number of letters in a word is a prime odd number, then use symbol $.
If the total number of letters in a word is an even number, then use symbol @.
For the Numbers: Count the total number of vowels appear in a word (may or may not occur more than once) and then multiply that number with 2.
For example, in the word ‘CONTROL’ there are 2 vowels i.e., O, so, multiply 2 by 2, so, the number code for the word ‘CONTROL’ is ‘4’.

S1. Ans. (c)
S2. Ans. (e)
S3. Ans. (a)
S4. Ans. (b)
S5. Ans. (b)


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When is the IBPS Clerk Mains exam scheduled for?

The IBPS Clerk Mains exam is scheduled for 7 October 2023.