How To Prepare Reasoning For IBPS PO

How To Prepare Reasoning For IBPS PO

The reasoning is a back-breaking subject. Due to the complex nature and difficulty level of questions, it has become very hard for one to give it the cold shoulder in IBPS PO Exam and another Banking Exam. As the level is Banking exams is increasing day by day and students are ready to face the music in the upcoming bank exam 2019. The reasoning section is tricky and the pattern followed in this section is getting complex with every exam passed. Earlier, students use to practice only easy puzzles and they use to ignore the complex one but now according to the recent trend, the question on the topics like blood relation, directions are being asked in the form of tricky puzzles but now to their dismay this strategy of students is not going to work. The number of questions asked in the exam carries 60-70% weightage in the form of the puzzle only. The other important topics to be prepared for IBPS reasoning are Syllogism, Logical Reasoning, Inequality, Data Sufficiency, Blood Relation, Direction and Distance, Ranking, Alpha-Numerical, Direction Sense, Blood Relations, etc. The only way to ace the scores in the section is the strenuous practice.

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IBPS PO Exam is going to be held in October 2019. Students appearing for it are breaking their bone to ace in the exam. Reasoning section requires a lot of practice with a variety of questions to fetch maximum marks in reasoning section. Today we are giving some tips on how to score marks in IBPS Reasoning Section.

Know the IBPS PO Reasoning section exam pattern:

In reasoning section, there are 35 questions in the prelims exam carry a weightage of 35 marks to be completed in 20 minutes. whereas in mains there are 45 questions. Maximum weightage is given to the reasoning Puzzles in prelims and mains.

Subject (Exam Stage) Maximum questions Maximum marks Time allotted
Reasoning (IBPS PO Prelims) 35 35 20 Minutes
Reasoning (IBPS PO Mains) 45 60 60 Minutes

How to complete the Reasoning Section in the Given time?

  • Never target to attempt all the questions asked. This will lose your accuracy and make you feel puzzled. Prefer to practice from Reasoning Best book for bank exam.
  • Pick the right question. Your ability to read the question and grasp the required information should be efficient. You should know which question to be solved and which one can be skipped for later.
  • Do the easy questions first. But do not waste much time finding the same. As only one question display on-screen in one time.
  • Do not feel panic. Be very calm and easy. Do not get nervous this will make it hard for you to solve even the easier question.
  • Keep a check on the time. While practicing Reasoning questions for PO Exam always pay attention to the time management.
  • Try to grasp Reasoning tricks to solve the questions within seconds. This will help you save your time.
  • Take the section-wise test. Taking Reasoning test will help you analyze your performance and a chance to work on your weak points.

Important Topics to be covered For reasoning section In IBPS PO (Prelims + Mains)

Puzzles and Seating Arrangement: 

Questions on puzzles and seating arrangements are a major part of the exam and any other banking exam. Puzzles are generally based on Seating Arrangement (linear, circular, triangular, rectangular and sometimes hexagonal even), Floors, Tabular form, Blood Relations, etc. are asked in different variables that depend on the difficulty level of the questions. Most of the miscellaneous topics too are being asked in the form of puzzles only.  Make use of Reasoning Tricks wherever required.


If you have good knowledge about this topic, fetching good marks will be easy for you. Try to solve the questions without paper and pen, make your practice that way. It is one of the easiest and scoring topics so prepare it well and you will be able to bag 5 marks very easily in Reasoning Ability Section.

Data Sufficiency: 

The questions based on data sufficiency can have 2 or 3 statements based on the difficulty level of the questions. If asked, there will be a total of 3-5 questions on this topic. This section can also help you to grapple good marks.


Examiner can ask questions based on the Old as well as on the new pattern followed by the exam. The topic comes under the category of easy. To practice all type of questions you can take the test on Reasoning section On Adda247 app.

Blood Relation: 

The questions in this section test the candidate’s cognitive ability. The questions asked are very complex and convoluted but can be solved with ease if you have the basics of these topics all grasped. The questions can be asked in various forms, i.e. puzzles, mixed-blood relation, coded blood relations, etc.

Direction Sense:

There can be 4-5 questions on this topic. If you have good knowledge about the directions it will be a blessing for you. Practicing from a wide variety of questions will help you to ace marks in the Reasoning section for IBPS PO 2019.

Machine Input-Output:

According to the banking exam recent trend, Machine input and output has become the inseparable topic to be covered. This question if asked, will carry a weightage of 5 marks or even more depends on the level of the question.

Logical Reasoning: 

The number of expected questions on logical reasoning is 5-6. The questions asked in the reasoning logical section are based on cause and effect, a course of action, assumptions, and conclusions, the strength of arguments, inference, etc. Practice Reasoning verbal as much as you. The level of questions has always been moderate so you can easily attempt the questions without wasting much of time on them. Reasoning verbal can also help you get marks In the IBPS PO exam.

Best Book for Reasoning Section for PO Exam 

If you are looking for the good stuff in the form of hard copy, then Adda247 Ace reasoning book for PO Exam is the best option to start your preparation with. Start your preparation with Reasoning Best book. With a number of variety of questions, detailed solutions and short tricks this book inculcate questions based on the latest pattern and questions that are being asked in the previous examination. Best book for Reasoning for IBPS PO is the one that will help you gear up your preparation for the upcoming exam.

Check the list of best books of Reasoning for PO 2019 Exam 

Sr. No. Reasoning Books Check The Book In English Check The Book In Hindi

Ace Reasoning

Click Here Click Here
2 A Complete Book on Puzzles & Seating Arrangement Click Here Click Here
3 Bank Publications PRIME (Puzzle + DI) Combo Click Here Click Here
4 The Cracker Mains Exams Book Click Here Click Here

Tips to score Marks In Reasoning Section for PO Exam 

  • As puzzle carry the highest weightage practice different number of puzzles and seating arrangement for the Reasoning section in IBPS PO. Make a habit of giving Reasoning test.
  • Questions from other topics like blood relation and direction can also be asked in the form of a puzzle. Do not ignore any of the kind. This will make you lose marks in the Reasoning section for IBPS PO.
  • An important tip to solve difficult puzzles with 100% accuracy is to make 2-3 possibilities for the same puzzle and keep canceling them out as you proceed. Another important point to bear in mind while doing puzzles is not to ignore the important key points while reading the question.
  • If you are good at grasping the information and reading, go for puzzle first in the exam. As if you manage to solve a single puzzle it will fetch you at least 5 marks depending on the number of questions that are being asked based on that puzzle.
  • If you are good at miscellaneous topics or Verbal reasoning go for them. This will help you secure marks for yourself.
  • Do not waste too much of your time on a single question. If you can not solve it within seconds, skip it for later.
  • The questions asked from Logical Reasoning are based on cause and effect, a course of action, assumptions, and conclusions, the strength of arguments, inference, etc. The number of expected questions on this topic can be 5-6. The level of questions has always been moderate so you can easily attempt the questions without wasting much of time on them.

The more you practice, the better you get. Only practice can lead to reaching your goal. So, to let you practice and ace the score in the Reasoning Section in IBPS PO exam, Bankersadda is proving you with Daily Quizzes on important topics with latest pattern questions.. Knowledge is of no value unless you put it in practice. Work hard, keep practicing, and everything will come up roses in the end.

Check the short tricks on Blood Relation for IBPS PO exam