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Reasons Why Candidates Fail in Exams

Reasons Why Candidates Fail in Exams: Every year lakhs of candidates appear for the competitive examinations that include banking, SSC, Railway, State Exams, etc. A majority of them are only able to qualify for the examination while several fail after several attempts also. If we compare then the number of candidates who clear the exam is extremely less than the ones who failed. The competition is getting tougher year by year as the number of students appearing for the competitve exams is increasing. Aspirants should be aware of the reasons why candidates fail in exams.

Why Candidates Fail in Competitive Exams

There are various reasons to that lead to failure of candidates in competitve exams. Aspirants in their preparation phase should be acquainted with the reasons discussed below.

Not being aware of Syllabus & Exam Pattern: Aspirants are sometimes not updated with the syllabus and exam pattern of the examination they are preparing for. So it is advised to the candidates that before beginning their preparation, they should go through the detailed syllabus and exam pattern and then prepare accordingly. Sometimes, minor changes are made with which the aspirants are not familiar with and they still follow the previous exam pattern & syllabus.

Cut-throat competition: Candidates take the examinations very casually not being aware of the competition level. As per each passing year the number of candidates are increasing which is giving rise to cut throat competition. A banking sector job is one of the most reputed government jobs and students have a dream to grab a seat for them. It is not possible for a student to qualify for the exam without adequate preparation.

Time, Speed, and Accuracy: The most important thing that matters for the banking examinations are time, speed, and accuracy. Most of the candidates fail because they are unable to manage them. The game behind qualifying the preliminary examination of banking is speed and accuracy. The conceptual knowledge is helpful in the mains examination. These three parameters can only be achieved through practice.



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Why candidates fail in competitive exams?

The reasons why candidates fail in competitive exams are mentioned in the given post.


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