Routine To Be Followed To Crack IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam 2018

Routine To Be Followed To Crack IBPS Clerk

In India, IBPS Clerk is one of the most sought-after jobs in the banking sector. Every year, so many banking aspirants apply and appear for this examination with a hope to get into the banking industry and secure their future with a government job as well. While some sail through the two phases of this examination, others have their chips and they are back to square one. Why does it happen? Everyone is working hard and travailing all day and night to make the grade then why only a few get there and others don’t? Certainly, because the latter bark the wrong trees or follow a wrong routine and make a botch of it. 

Now, the next question that may hit one’s mind could be, “What is the most appropriate routine that one needs to follow to make the grades in banking examinations?” Do you also get in tune with this question? If yes, then stick around till we will discuss the nuts and bolts of the standard daily routine of a banking aspirant that gets him through the upcoming IBPS Clerk Examination. 
Before you get down in dumps because of the failures you have had in your struggle so far, we would like to let you know that you are not the only one who has been in this sitch. There are people out there who, after facing a significant number of failures, finally got it made. How? Here is the key…
Important points that need to be included in your daily routine while you prepare for a banking examination: 
  • To all those who make hard and fast rules while setting up a study timetable, go for a realistic timetable. A timetable that includes long hours of studies and no short breaks in between takes you nowhere. So, include short and frequent study sessions in your timetable accompanied by some leisure activities that keep you refreshed throughout.
  • Next comes assigning the study hours to the different subjects that will be asked in the examination. Remember not to prioritize a single subject in your study schedule, thereby giving the cold shoulder to other equivalently grave subjects. So, even if you are a dab hand at Quant, practice it daily like any other subject you are not so good at.
  • Are you one out of those who keep cutting the corners every time? Bear it in mind that the pattern of banking examinations keeps changing very frequently. You don’t know what’s up next and so, to be ready for a bolt from the blues, dive deep into all the subjects that will be asked in the examination.
  • Do you have the habit of cramming all day long and leave the revision to be done in the last days before the examination? Yes. Isn’t it? Most of the aspirants are into this habit and they end up lying under a pile of stuff to be revised at the time of examination. If you do not want the important topics to be left unrevised then include at least one hour of revision in your daily schedule and play it safe.
  • What relaxes you the most? Listening to your favorite music, going out on a walk, meditation, playing some outdoor games or any other activity? Include it in your daily schedule because it lightens you up after swotting up all day long. 
We hope you find these tips helpful in getting yourself ready for the upcoming IBPS Clerk Exam. If you want us to come up with similar tips for any other exam, do mention in the comments section below. All the best for IBPS Clerk Exam 2018!!

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