SBI Clerk Mains 2019 : Maha Mock 1 Free PDF


Free PDF for you to practice with

SBI Clerk Mains 2019 is going to be conducted on the 10th of August. We hope that all of you are prepared for the exam and. Adda247 has rolled out more than one strategy and study plans for you to practice with. The Study Plan ‘DREAM’ was launched in July and we hope you followed it accordingly. The study notes and quizzes are being published on a regular basis so that you get all the study material you deem necessary for the SBI Clerk Main preparation. Adda247 is here with the free PDF of the Maha Mock 1 for SBI Clerk Main.

Plans we made just for you:

Recently, Adda247 also uploaded a 10-day study plan with the vision to help you in your revision. As we always say Mocks are the thing that will save you from the mistakes you generally commit in the exam room because of the lack of an exam room experience. Mocks make you familiar with the aura and compose you in such a manner that you will always be alert while giving an exam hence avoiding silly mistakes. Maha Mock 1 for SBI Clerk mains was conducted on the 28th of July, last Sunday. We hope that you participated and were benefitted as we expected. Here is the free PDF of the same so that the aspirants who couldn’t participate, at least get an idea of the questions. And others can revise with the PDF.