Quantitative Aptitude Quiz 15 June- Daily Quantitative Aptitude Quiz for SBI Clerk Mains 2020

The Quantitative Aptitude Section is one of the scoring sections of the bank examination. The  Quantitative Aptitude is definitely be helping you if practicing it with Sincerity. 15th June 2020 SBI Clerk Mains Quiz Based on- Probability, Permutation & Combination, Caselet and Approximation. Stay with Bankers Adda for the latest Quizzes, Study notes, Test series, and other helpful study material.                                               

Directions (1-5): Study the information given below carefully and answer the questions related to it.

In sector 40 of Cyber park, Gurugram, there are 2400 people who play three different type of sports Tennis, Volleyball and Badminton. 56% of total population play Badminton. 44% of total population play Volleyball. 240 people play both Badminton and Volleyball. 8% of total population play Tennis and Volleyball both. The total population who play Tennis is 24%. The people who play all the three types of games viz Tennis, Volleyball and Badminton are 4% of total population.

Q1. The population who play Tennis and Badminton both is approximately what percent of people who play Tennis?

(a) 40%

(b) 42%

(c) 48%

(d) 49%

(e) 45%

Q2. What is the average number of people who play Badminton only, Volleyball only and Tennis only?

(a) 648

(b) 662

(c) 640

(d) 650

(e) 658

Q3. What is the total number of people who play only Tennis and Volleyball both and only Tennis and Badminton both?

(a) 240

(b) 246

(c) 236

(d) 256

(e) 242

Q4. If the ratio of male to female is 13 : 9 in that population who play Volleyball then the total number of males who play Volleyball are what percent of total population?

(a) 24%

(b) 26%

(c) 28%

(d) 30%

(e) 32%

Q5. What is the difference between people who play Badminton only and Volleyball only?

(a) 244

(b) 238

(c) 235

(d) 240

(e) 245

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