SBI PO/ BOB PO Interview Tips: Confidence vs. Overconfidence

Dear Aspirants,

With the GDPI rounds of SBI PO and BOB PO round the corner, preparations of candidates selected for the final phase are in full swing. Previously, we discussed important points to be kept in mind during an interview, how to introduce yourself in an interview and what you should wear to your interview. Today’s article is about confidence vs. overconfidence that play a huge part in our overt attitude and behavior. When you appear for an interview, it’s not only the knowledge that helps you make the grades but, your attitude and behavior also play an equivalent role in the same. So, getting straight to the point, we will discuss what the thin line between confidence and over-confidence is. 

The two words that look more or less similar are actually contradictory to each other, with one being capable of making one’s interview and the other having the potential to mar the same. When one has a belief in her own strengths, values, and skills, she has a confidence while she is overconfident if she has impractical or irrational faith in her abilities. Being overconfident will not only ruin your performance during the interview but will also deter you from preparing for it. Here are a few tips on how to remain confident and not overconfident during an interview:
  • You may fail to listen to the interviewer’s questions properly due to overconfidence. So, pay attention to the questions that are being asked from you.
  • Overconfidence might make you unable to comprehend interviewer’s questions because it makes you hear or understand only what you want to. So, understand the question first and then answer it. 
  • Sometimes, during interviews, your answers hint that you know more than the interviewer does. So, try not to do that as it will negatively affect your overall performance.
  • During Group Discussion, you might turn to ignore other people’s points because overconfidence makes one feel that he is superior to others. So, listen carefully and value other candidates’ points too.

If you are confident, you will possess better competence & communication skills and that will make you put forth stronger arguments during group discussion and proficient answers during the personal interview round. In essence, only confidence will make the interviewers more likely to single you out as the right candidate for the post of SBI or BOB PO. So, all that you have to do is to remain confident and not to overdo it. 

We hope these tips help you perform to the best of your ability in the Personal Interview round of SBI PO and BOB PO Examination 2018. Adda247 is also providing the students with Adda247 Publications “Bank Exams Interviews” Book. The objective of this book is to guide the students to make the grades in the personal interview with the help of tips and solved examples of frequently asked questions. It also incorporates the real interview experiences of the candidates who appeared for previous bank’s interview phases and mock exercise set to encourage them to be prepared to face the toughest questions with a decent strategy. You can also join our SBI PO Group Discussion and Personal Interview Boot Camp by Ravi Soni Sir (Ex-Senior SBI Banker).