SBI PO Group Exercise & Personal Interview Experience 2017 – 35

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SBI PO is the most sought after recruitment process by banking aspirants. Group Exercise and Personal Interview is the final round (Phase-III) in SBI PO 2017 Recruitment. Last year SBI introduced a prioritisation based group exercise which is also being conducted this year in the Group Discussion Round. Interview experiences can help you get an insight of the difficulty level, environment and types of questions being asked in SBI PO 2017 Group Exercise and Interview Round. Keep on reading to understand the experience of Ranjeet Sharma.

Hi, This is Ranjeet Sharma, My interview was on 3rd shift i.e. 12noon on 11th Sep’17, at LHO Bhubaneswar.
After a smooth document verification process, we headed to the conference hall for our GDs. After a session of introduction of the moderators and candidates, we were given the topic

GD Topic- “Will digitization reduce the employment in the banking sector?”

Group Discussion can be a tensed situation for some, but with confidence and clarity of thought, one can easily score in this phase. It is important to maintain the decorum of the session and avoid being too loud. Put forth your views and opinions firmly best backed by figures or facts and also let your fellow group members voice their opinions. After a healthy discussion. Next topic was prioritization. 

Group Exercise – Preferences when we should go for a movie.

Group Exercise is performed after the discussion. In this group, exercise candidates were given a set of few qualities/ attributes/ traits/ parameters which they had to prioritize according to their understanding of the topic/ situation/ thinking ability.
  • Film review
  • Film critics
  • Mouth publicity
  • Ticket price
  • Actors
  • Director
  • Music
  • Genre
After having an awesome lunch we went for the interview. My number came on an around 6:30pm.

Personal Interview

I entered and wish them. One female and 3 male members were there in the panel. 
M1: You have Completed your Graduation in 2010. What you are doing from last 7 years. 
Me: I describe him where I am working and my 7 years of experience.
M1: What are slabs in GST?
ME: Described him.
M1: What you think about GST is it good for India or not?
Me: I described that this is good for India. Added some points.
M1: Why Vishal Sikka resigned?
Me: answered him, mentioned all the points which happened.
M1: Vishal Sikka having an issue with the previous CFO? What was the name of that CFO? and what happened that time?
Me: answered. Mentioned about payout also.
M1: What is the opinion of Infosys Employees regarding Vishal sikka resignation?
Me: Mix reaction. Described.
M1: You are working in an MNC. Your salary is so handsome, Why you want to switch. You can reach up to top management if you work there?
Me: Described.
Then he asked the female member to ask some questions.
M2: Tell me What exactly your job and responsibilities in Infosys?
Me: Described.
M2: What is ESI?
Me: Answered.
M2: What is the contribution in ESI?
Me: Answered.
M2: When you are hiring someone how you ensure that he/she doesn’t have a criminal background?
Me: Described.
M2: If any problem between contractual staff and Infosys employee happen what you do in such cases?
Me: described.
M3: Ranjeet your chief minister Mr. Nitish Kumar (I belong to Bihar) whowasa the face of opposition, is recently changing his party. What is your opinion on this?
Me: answered. It is good for bihar. BJP is ruling in both places Central and Bihar also. Described.
M3: But is it good for Nitish Kumar? And for his image?
Me: again described.
M4: How your Experience will beneficial for banking?
Me: answered. 
After that they told me thank you Ranjeet, You may go…But That time The female Member asked i have one more question.
M2: Ranjeet What is Monetory Policy?
Me: I answered him. She replied, Good and told me thank you. You may go now.
My Interview went on for around 20 minutes. I am feeling quite relaxed.
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