SBI PO Mains 2019 – Must Do Topics of Data Analysis & Interpretation

Must Do Topics of Data Analysis & Interpretation for SBI PO Main Exam 2019
Here we will share the most important topics for data analysis and interpretation for SBI PO Main 2019. These topics will help you clear the cutoff, only if you practiced them well. There will be 35 questions that will carry 60 marks. you will be given 45 minutes to solve this section. Hence your ability to tackle the complexity, speed and accuracy will be tested in this subject. You can expect the cut off to be high as compared to last year. The first and most basic tip to help you clear quantitative aptitude section’s cut off is that you should work on your calculation speed. If you want to score in Maths you know you must calculate faster. In fact, this section is most scoring if you have practiced enough as you cannot be sure of your answers in language section and you might trip while solving puzzles but whereas questions of arithmetic are concerned you can be sure if you can solve it, if your answer is right or not.

Check the most important topics for SBI PO Main 2019

Data Interpretation

Data and Interpretation is a major part of Quantitative Aptitude Section of all the banking examinations, be it IBPS or SBI Exams. So, it is important not to give a cold shoulder to this topic. The usual pattern of DI questions has always been based on Ratio and Proportion, Percentage, Average, and Profit and Loss, but in the recent times, we observed a change in the pattern when DI questions asked were based on Time and Work and a few more topics from Arithmetic. So, be well prepared with these topics so as to deal with DIs with poise. The other important job is to be excellent at calculation because all that you need to do in DI is calculation and if you lag here, this section can prove to be a can of worms for you. Types of DI that can be asked in the exam are- bar graph, caselet, pie chart, and Tabular DI.
Data Sufficiency
In this you will be given few statements you will have to find out if the answer can be drawn based on a single statement or a combination of two or more statements is required to come to a conclusion.
This can be based on miscellaneous topics of arithmetic. So if you have a hand on solving them, you can easily score in this topic.

Miscellaneous Topics
Some other questions can be from miscellaneous chapters like time and work, speed and distance, etc. You need to revise all the chapters as Other topics like DI can also be based on them.

Questions from this topic can also be asked in the SBI PO Main. In recent trends, it has been observed that questions like quantity-1 and quantity-2 can be framed in inequality. So you have to practice each and every topic as SBI PO is known to show something unexpected every time.

It is considered to be an easy topic if you have basic knowledge about it. It can fetch you good marks if you are well versed with the rules and computing them.
Permutation and combination
This topic is also important from the SBI PO Main point of view. It can increase your grades as it is not a time taking the topic. questions if practiced well can be solved within seconds that will save your time for other topics to be attempted.

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