SBI PO Mains Questions | Memory Based Paper 2018-19

SBI PO Mains Exam 2018-19 was conducted on 4th of August last year. That the calendar for this year’s IBPS Examinations is out already and the notification for SBI PO Exam, too, is expected to be out in April 2019, you should now start preparing for them. And when it comes to preparing for banking examinations or say any other competitive examination, having an idea of what is being asked in the recent examinations is a must. For that, you need to go through the memory based papers of previously held examinations. So, to help you get you acquainted with questions asked in last year’s SBI PO Mains Examhere is its memory based paper entirely based on the latest pattern of the exam. Solve this memory based paper of SBI PO Mains Exam 2018-19 and know how to attempt the upcoming examinations in the best way possible.

Practicing memory based paper helps in familiarizing the aspirants with the latest pattern of the banking exams. Solving it helps them ascertain how much time they spend on an average in solving a particular question and avoid situations where the bottom falls out of all their strategies. After solving this paper, you can work on your time management skills so you are able to attempt maximum number of questions in a minimum time period in the upcoming exams. Download the  section-wise memory based papers of SBI PO Mains Exam 2018-19 by clicking on the links that follow.