Study Notes & Short Tricks: Blood Relation

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As per today’s scenario in the Banking exam even in other exams like SSC, it has become important that to solve a particular problem quickly you have to know the concept behind the question and also the way how to solve that problem quickly. Keeping in mind that thing we are providing here some important study notes and short tricks of various topics of Reasoning Ability so that a student can attempt more questions in less time (especially in Banking and SSC exams) and can make a higher probability of being selected. Best of hard work to all students. Keep using Bankersadda.

Here we are with clear and detail concept of Blood Relation: 

Blood Relation is a must do part in exam. As it may come for 5 marks and you know every mark is important. 

In Blood Relation question certain information is given about the members of the family. Based on that information you need to find out the relationship between particular member of the family. 
Now, take a look at below given “Generation Table” which will help you to understand the different relationship.
For more clarification, we are presenting the relation in two different forms: 
1. Relations of paternal side:
i. Father’s Father – Grandfather 
ii. Father’s Mother – Grandmother 
iii. Father’s Brother – Uncle 
iv. Father’s Sister – Aunt 
v. Children of Uncle – cousin 
vi. Wife of Uncle – Aunt 
vii. Children of Aunt – Cousin 
viii. Husband of Aunt – Uncle 
2. Relations of maternal side:
i. Mother’s Father – Maternal Grandfather 
ii. Mother’s Mother –Maternal Grandmother 
iii. Mother’s Brother – Maternal Uncle 
iv. Mother’s Sister – Aunt 
v. Children of Maternal Uncle – Cousin 
vi. Wife of Maternal uncle – Maternal Aunt 
The solve questions of Blood Relations easily, you can take help of “Generation Tree”. 
Different pictorial from which are used to define the relationship among them. 
These two pictorial from are used for males. 

These two pictorial from are used for females 
Representation of different relations: 
From given generation tree we can deduce some important relationship between family members: 
1. A is Father of C, E and D
2. B is Mother of C, E and D
3. F is Brother of A 
4. F is Brother in law of B 
5. A is Husband of B
6. B is Wife of A 
7. F is Uncle of E, C and D 
8. C and E are Son of A and  
9. D is Daughter of A and B 
10. D is Sister of E and C 
11. E is Brother of C and D
12. C is Brother of E and D
13. A is Grandfather of G
14. B is Grandmother of G 
15. G is Granddaughter of A and B. 
Now we are providing some dialogue or conversation based relations which will make your concept more clear and you will be able to solve dialogue based questions within second. 
1. My mother’s or father’s son is my Brother 
2. My mother’s or father’s daughter is my Sister 
3. My Mother’s or Father’s father is my Grandfather. 
4. My Mother’s or Father’s Sister is my Aunt.
5. My Mother’s or Father’s Brother is my Uncle.
6. My Son’s wife is my daughter-in-law. 
7. My daughter’s husband is my Son-in-law. 
8. My brother’s son is my Nephew. 
9. My brothers daughter is my Niece.
10. My sister’s husband is my brother-in-law. 
11. My brother’s wife is my sister-in-law. 
12. My husband’s sister is my sister-in-law. 
13. My husband’s brother is my brother-in-law. 
14. My uncle’s or Aunt’s son or daughter is my cousin. 
15. My wife’s mother or husband’s mother is my mother-in-law. 
16. My father’s wife is my mother. 
17. My mother’s husband is my father. 
18. My mother’s husband is my father. 
19. My son’s or daughter’s son is my Grandson.
20. My son’s or daughter’s daughter is my Granddaughter.
Types of questions asked from Blood Relations: 
1. Based on Dialogue or Conversation 
2. Based on Puzzles 
3. Based on Symbolically coded 
Based on Conversation or Dialogue-
In this type of questions, the one person talking to or doing chit-chat with other person giving information by pointing to some picture or person. 
Example: Pointing to a lady on the stage, Monika said, “She is the sister of the son of the wife of my husband.” How is the lady related to Monika?
Solution: Find who you can easily relate to and be that person-then go about creating one relation after another. 
In this question, be Monika-then start from the end of the sentence. 
“My husband” = Monika’s husband
‘Wife of my husband’ = is me = Monika 
‘Son of the wife of my husband’ = My Son
‘Sister of the Son of the wife of my Husband’ = My Son’s Sister = My daughter 
‘She’ is the sister of the son of the wife of my husband’ = the lady on the stage = the lady being pointed out = my daughter. 
So, lady on the stage is Monika’s daughter. 
Based on Puzzles: 
In this type of question, you have to conclude the relations between two given person based on more than one information given in the question. 
Example: A is the mother of B. B is the sister of C. D is the son of C. E is the brother of D. F is the mother of E. H has only two children B and C. How is F related to E? 
Solution: In this question, first we will drew the generations tree: 

So, F is mother of E. 
Based on Symbols: 
In this type of question, information are coded in the form of symbols life D, #, $, % ……. etc. 
Read the following information carefully and then answer the question given below: 
(a) A D B means A is mother of B. 
(b) A $ B means A is sister of B. 
(c) A * B means A is father of B. 
(d) A # B means A is brother of B. 
Question:-Which of the following means R is uncle of T?
(a) R*P #S Q$T            (b) S * P # R * U # T
(c) P*R$Q$S*T             (d) P * R $ Q $ S * T
(e) None of these
Solution: From option, C, we will get R is uncle of T. 
* We have given our best to make you understand the concept of ‘Blood Relation’. This topic is a ‘must do’. In every exam 3 – 5 questions come from this topic. So, understand its concept and practice its questions.