Test of the Day for Syndicate Bank PO Exam 2018

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Test of the Day for IBPS Clerk Mains 2017

We are providing you with the test of the day which will help you in upcoming exams like Syndicate Bank PO 2018. From this, you can practice questions with the timer that will help you to improve speed. Syndicate Bank PO is one of the biggest opportunity for you guys to grab on, set you own mark and proceed with full confidence. All the very best for your preparations and All the future exams.

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Q1. The ___________ is where overnight (one day) loans can be availed by banks to meet liquidity.

Call Money
Notice Money
Short Money
Half Money
Soft Money

The call money market (CMM) the market where overnight (one day) loans can be availed by banks to meet liquidity. Banks who seeks to avail liquidity approaches the call market as borrowers and the ones who have excess liquidity participate there as lenders.

Q2. Name the organisation, which regulates microfinance given by NBFC?


NBFC & MFI in India, The working and operations of NBFCs are regulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) within the framework of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934.

Q3. Commercial operations at Benghazi port ended in 2014 when armed groups took control of the city. Benghazi port situated in which country-?


Commercial operations at Benghazi port ended in 2014 when armed groups took control of the city. The Port of Benghazi is a major seaport in the city of Benghazi, Libya, on the Mediterranean Sea coast within the Gulf of Sidra.

Q4. CAGR is the mean annual growth rate of an investment over a specified period of time longer than one year. CAGR stands for-

Compound Annual General Rate
Compound Annual Growth Rate
Compound Annual Growth Ratio
Cancel Annual Growth Rate
Compound Assembly Growth Rate

The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is a useful measure of growth over multiple time periods. It can be thought of as the growth rate that gets you from the initial investment value to the ending investment value if you assume that the investment has been compounding over the time period.

Q5. Dr Virendra Kumar is the member of Lok Sabha. His Constituency is-

Darbhanga, Bihar
Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh
Tikamgarh, Madhya Pradesh
Haridwar, Uttarakhand
Jaipur, Rajasthan

Dr Virendra Kumar is the member of Lok Sabha. His Constituency is in Tikamgarh, Madhya Pradesh.

Directions (6-10): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions which follow. 
There are eight friends A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H are living on eight storey building. The ground floor is numbered one and next floor is numbered two and so on upto last last floor is numbered eight. They all like different movie viz. Don, Murder, Jani Dushman, Katil, Bahubali, Zehar, Dar and Khooni but not necessarily in the same order. They also like different colour viz. Red, Blue, White, Black, Pink, Violet, Yellow and Green but not necessarily in the same order. There are three floor between the person A and who likes green colour, both of them living on even number floor but none of them living on top floor. F lives on 3rd floor and likes Zehar movie. H likes Don movie and lives immediately below A. B likes murder movie. There are gap of two floors between B and H. There is only one floor between B and G, who likes Jani Dushman movie. C lives immediately above D, who likes Yellow colour. There are gap of two floors between the person who like yellow and violet colour. The one who likes pink colour also likes Khooni movie but does not live on odd number floor. The one who likes Bahubali movie lives on of the below floor on which the person who likes red colour lives. There are as many as person lives between the one who likes Zehar movie and the person who likes black colour as between the person who likes black colour and white colour. The one who likes blue colour lives below the floor on which the person who likes Bahubali movie lives. There are as many as floor between C and E, who like Katil movie as between A and who like red colour.

Q6. Who among following lives on top floor?


Q7. Who among following likes blue colour?


Q8. Who among following likes Dar movie?

None of these

Q9. If C is related to red colour and E is related to black colour, then in the same way B is related to?

Red colour
Yellow colour
Green colour
Blue colour
None of these

Q10. E lives on which of the following floor?


Q11. A retailer purchased radio sets at the rate of Rs. 400 each from a wholesaler. He marked up the price by 30% and allowed a discount of 8% on each set.then find the profit percentage?


Q12. A person bought some articles at the rate of 5 per rupee and the same number at the rate of 4 per rupee. He mixed both the types and sold at the rate of 9 for 2 rupees. In this business he suffered a loss of Rs. 3. The total number of articles bought by him was


Q13. Nikita bought 30 kg of wheat at the rate of Rs. 9.50 per kg of wheat and the same amount of another type of wheat at the rate of Rs. 8.50 per kg and mixed them. She sold the mixture at the rate of Rs. 8.90 per kg. Her total profit or loss in the transaction was :

Rs. 2 loss
Rs. 2 profit
Rs. 6 loss
Rs. 6 profit
Rs. 4 profit

Q14. A book seller purchased 120 exercise books at the rate of Rs. 3 each and sold 1/3 of them at the rate of Rs. 4 each, ½ of them at the rate of Rs. 5 each and the rest at the cost price. Then find the total profit percent of book seller?


Q15. A sells an article to B making a profit of 1/5 of his outlay. B sells it to C, gaining 20%. If C sells it for Rs. 600 and incurs a loss of 1/6 of his outlay, the cost price of A is

Rs. 600
Rs. 500
Rs. 720
Rs. 800
Rs. 850

Directions (16-20): Which of the words/phrases (a), (b), (c) and (d) given below is most similar in meaning to the word/group of words printed in bold as used in the passage and make it meaningful and coherent. Words in option can be modified according to the tense of the sentence keeping the meaning of root word intact. If none of the options is correct mark (e) as the answer. 

Q16. Energy, in the form of electricity, was used in ancient India, which was called as vaidyutaagni. The same energy was also used as atom bomb in ancient India, which was called as Brahmaastra. In the Mahabharata war, the atom bomb (Brahmaastra) was used and its full description along with all the posterior effects (as observed in Hiroshima) were clearly explained.

former, illustration, rear
new, terms, determined
formation, brawl, spar
latest, asset, forms
None is correct

Ancient-belonging to the very distant past and no longer in existence.
synonyms- of long ago, earliest, first, early, past, former, bygone
Description -a spoken or written account of a person, object, or event,a type or class of people or things.
synonyms- account, explanation, elucidation, illustration, representation, interpretation, sort,
variety, kind, style, type, category, order, breed, species
Posterior -further back in position; of or nearer the rear or hind end.
synonyms- rear, hind, back, hinder, rearward

Q17. When you go to a bank, the manager will do many adjustments in the basic pattern of rules of administration in order to help the customer. Without violating the fundamental set-up of the administration, some talented ways may be applied by the manager so that the customers feel happy and the bank is maintained with many customers supporting it.

fight, grapple, finite
consumer, breaching, aiding
extent, few, convey
people, limiting, product
None is correct

Customer -a person who buys goods or services from a shop or business. synonyms- shopper, consumer, buyer, purchaser
Violating -break or fail to comply with (a rule or formal agreement), synonyms- contravene, breach, commit a breach of, infringe, infract, break, transgress, overstep
Supporting -bear all or part of the weight of; hold up, give assistance to, especially financially, provide with a home and the necessities of life.
synonyms- hold up, bear, carry, prop up, keep up, bolster up, brace, shore up, underpin, buttress, reinforce

Q18. No figures are available about India, but every year we are enacting new criminal statutes both at the Centre as well as in the states. The triple divorce bill is yet another instance of over criminalization. Even the Supreme Court had noted that incidence of triple divorce is insignificant.

scuffle, trade, free
erratic, limit, restraint
validating, example, meaningless
example, van, spread
None is correct

Enacting-make (a bill or other proposal) law, put into practice (an idea or suggestion).synonyms- make law, pass, approve, ratify, validate, sanction, authorize, accept, give the seal of approval to
Instance -an example or single occurrence of something.
synonyms- example, occasion, occurrence, case, representative case, typical case, case in point, illustration, specimen, sample, exemplar
Insignificant -too small or unimportant to be worth consideration, (of a person) without power or influence, meaningless, trivial.

Q19. India is stuck in a collective action problem: It’s not rational for anyone to switch to public transport until everyone else also follows. An individual will stop using his car if the bus is faster, but that is possible only if others also get their cars off the road. Unfortunately, city-development plans have failed to create the right incentives, as is borne out by the preference for private transport.

sadly, inducement, priority
greatly, bear, plug
flight, lovely, kind
stuffing, terms, determined
None is correct

Unfortunately -synonyms- unluckily, sadly, regrettably, unhappily, woefully, lamentably, alas
Incentives-a thing that motivates or encourages someone to do something.
synonyms- inducement, motivation, motive, reason, stimulus, stimulant, spur, impetus, encouragement, impulse
Preference-a greater liking for one alternative over another or others, a thing preferred.

Q20. Over the last two decades, several areas of the economy have been deemed sunrise sectors. This billing meant broad recognition of the sector’s potential to generate vast amounts of jobs and revenue. Policymakers put in place measures such as tax breaks to encourage these sectors. In the past, information technology (IT) and biotechnology (BT) were the two most prominent holders of the sunrise-sector tag.

breach, trivial, whip
influence, pass, comply
seen, view, replace
regarded as, uplift, important
None is correct

Deemed -regard or consider in a specified way.
synonyms- regard as, consider, judge, adjudge, hold to be, look on as, view as, see as, take to be, take for, class as, estimate as, count, rate, find, esteem
Encourage -give support, confidence, or hope to (someone). synonyms- hearten, cheer, buoy up, uplift, inspire, motivate, egg on, spur on, stir, stir up, whip up, fire up, stimulate, animate, invigorate, vitalize, revitalize,
Prominent -important; famous, projecting from something; protuberant.
synonyms- important, well known, leading, eminent, pre-eminent, distinguished, notable, noteworthy, noted, public, outstanding, foremost.


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