The Hindu Editorial Based Vocab for Competitive Exams: 6th October

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The Hindu Editorial Based Vocab for Competitive Exams : 30th August

Vocabulary is an important part of English that helps you deal with all kinds of questions in objective as well as descriptive papers of various exams. In the recently concluded SBI Exams, we witnessed that a major part of the exam was based on vocabulary. Many questions were vocab based and we can expect the same in the upcoming exams. It becomes very important to learn ample amount of words for the upcoming IBPS Exams. You can learn new words daily from our Daily Word List . Here is a list of words from the Hindu Editorial.  Learn the words and make your own sentences on the basis of the given word list.

New Editorial 1- Rupee breaches 74-mark against US dollar for the first time

The Indian rupee on Friday crashed below the 74-(1) level against the US dollar for the first time ever, after the Reserve Bank kept its key policy rate unchanged. The domestic currency was quoted 55 paise lower at 74.13 against the dollar soon after the RBI announced its monetary policy. Investors remained concerned over sustained foreign capital (2) outflows and fears of widening current account deficit (3) in the wake of (4) soaring crude oil prices. At the Interbank Foreign Exchange (Forex) market, the local currency opened higher at 73.56 a dollar against its previous record low closing of 73.58. But, it failed to sustain the initial strength and fell back to (5) breach the 74-mark. On Thursday, the domestic unit (6) plummeted by 24 paise to end at record low of 73.58 a dollar. The BSE Sensex too plunged by 584.53 points, or 1.66 per cent, to 34,584.63 in late afternoon trade.

New Editorial 2- Virat Kohli quickest to 24th Test century after Bradman

India captain Virat Kohli became the quickest batsman to reach 24 Test centuries after the great Donald Bradman early on day two against the West Indies on Friday. Kohli, who was on 72 overnight, hit a four off Devendra Bishoo to bring up his 100 in the first Test in Rajkot. The Indian skipper also (7) surpassed Australia’s Steve Smith to go second in the list of centurions among active players, behind South Africa’s Hashim Amla on 28. Smith, who is serving a one-year ball (8) tampering ban, has 23 centuries in 64 Tests. Kohli reached his 24th century in his 123rd innings while Australia’s Bradman took just 66 knocks to achieve the same (9) feat. It was the second century of the Indian innings after 18-year-old opener Prithvi Shaw made 134 on day one to become India’s youngest batsman to score a century on debut. Indian all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja also completed his century to add more (10) agony to West Indies.

Courtesy: The Hindu

1. LEVEL AGAINST (phrasal verb)  निंदा करना
Meaning: to say publicly that somebody is to blame for something, especially a crime or a mistake.
Usage: The speech was intended to answer the charges levelled against him by his opponents.

2. OUTFLOW (noun)  उत्प्रवाह
Meaning: a large amount of money that moves or is transferred out of a place.
Synonyms: discharge, rush, flood, deluge, spurt, jet, cascade, gush, outburst, flux, leakage, drain, emanation, effluence, effluent, effusion.
Antonyms: inundation, influx, inrush

3. IN THE WAKE OF (idiom)  परिणामस्वरूप 
Meaning: coming after and resulting from somebody/something.
Usage: Disease began spreading in the wake of the floods.

4. SOAR (verb)  बढ़ना
Meaning: increase rapidly above the usual level.
Synonyms: arise, ascend, aspire, climb, lift, mount, rise, thrust, up, uprise, upthrust, upturn
surge, boost, elevate, raise, upheave, uplift, upraise.
Antonyms: dive, sink, slide, decline, descend, dip, drop, fall, collapse, decrease, diminish, lessen, wane, slump.

5. BREACH (verb)  उल्लंघन
Meaning: to break or act contrary to
Synonyms: break, contravene, infringe, offend, traduce, transgress, violate, rebel, disregard, flout, neglect, overlook, overpass, dismiss, defy, resist, withstand.
Antonyms: serve, submit, surrender, attend, heed, mark, notice, regard, comply, conform, follow, obey.

6. PLUMMET (verb)  तेज़ी से गिरना 
Meaning: fall or drop straight down at high speed.
Synonyms: hurtle, crash , decline, descend, dive, drop, fall, lower, sink, skid, tumble, abate, decrease, diminish, droop, dwindle, ebb, lessen.
Antonyms: enlarge, escalate, expand, increase, intensify, arise, ascend, lift, mount, rise, soar.

7. SURPASS (verb)  श्रेष्ठ होना
Meaning: exceed; be greater than.
Synonyms: excel, exceed, transcend, outdo, outshine, outstrip, outclass, eclipse, trump, beat, better, outperform.
Antonyms: fall, sustain, gain, progress, beget, lose, fail.

8. TAMPER (verb)  हस्तक्षेप करना
Meaning: interfere with (something) in order to cause damage or make unauthorized alterations.
Synonyms: interfere, meddle, trifle, dabble, alter, change, damage, harm, deface, vandalize, ruin.
Antonyms: repair, fix, improve, remain.

9. FEAT (noun)  साहसिक कार्य
Meaning: an achievement that requires great courage, skill, or strength.
Synonyms: accomplishment, attainment, coup, triumph, venture, exercise, endeavour, effort, performance, deed, act, action.
Antonyms: idleness, failure, defeat, inaction, fiasco, downfall, disaster, decline, laxity, stoppage, breakdown.

10. AGONY(noun)  व्यथा
Meaning: extreme physical or mental suffering.
Synonyms: pain, hurt, suffering, torture, torment, anguish, affliction, trauma, misery, distress, grief, woe, wretchedness, heartbreak, heartache.

Antonyms: delight, joy, pleasure, ecstasy, comfort, exaltation, fervor, euphoria, ebullience, bliss, elation, enchantment, delight, complacency, cheer.
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