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Vocabulary of The Day- 04 May

Vocabulary of The Day- 04 May

The team of Adda247’s initiative, “Vocabulary of The Day,” acknowledges the crucial role of vocabulary in both competitive exams and everyday communication. It helps candidates learn new words, along with their meanings, usage examples, synonyms, and antonyms. Moreover, it includes practice question and helps aspirants distinguish between sound-alike words with distinct meanings. By embracing Vocabulary of The Day, aspirants can enhance their English proficiency, enhance their writing and speaking abilities, and excel in the English section of competitive examinations.


Meaning: Lack of emotion or motivation towards something

Newspaper: The Indian Express

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Use of the Word:

Election Commission says it is disappointed with apathy of voters in metros.

Synonyms: Indifference, Neutrality

Antonyms: Empathy, Sympathy

Q. Which of the following is a synonym of word apathy?

a) Enthusiasm

b) Interest

c) Empathy

d) None of the above

Similar Sounding Words with Different Meaning:

Storey: A building

Story: A sequence of real or fictional events

Ans. d) All the words mentioned above are antonyms of apathy. So d is the right answer.

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Benefits of Building Vocabulary

Learning new words is not merely about acing exams, it is the gateway to gain confidence in the English Language section. The reasons why aspirants should focus on building vocabulary are as follows:

  • Exam Success: A broad vocabulary enables candidates to approach the English Language section confidently resulting in improved scores.
  • Language Proficiency: Learning synonyms and antonyms enhances comprehension and fluency enabling aspirants to articulate themselves more effectively.
  • Effective Communication: Whether in writing or speaking, a diverse vocabulary empowers candidates to communicate confidently and leave a lasting impact.
  • English Mastery: Regular exposure to new words strengthens overall English proficiency, laying a strong foundation in language skills.
  • Boost Confidence: With an extensive vocabulary, candidates can articulate their thoughts and perspectives with precision and assurance.
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What are the synonyms for the Vocabulary of The Day, "Apathy"?

The synonyms for the Vocabulary of The Day, "Apathy" are Indifference, and Neutrality.