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What is Computer? Computer Basics

What Is A Computer?

Frequently, people do not have a definitive answer to the question: “What is a computer?” In common terms, a computer is commonly referred to as a computing system. Computer is an electronic apparatus designed to receive input in the form of text, numerical data, or images, and then employs structured instructions or programs to produce meaningful information across various formats. The results generated by computers are termed as output. The components essential for the efficient functioning of a computer system are broadly categorized into two major groups: Software and Hardware. In the given post, we have highlighted on the basics of Computer.

A Brief History Of Computers

When it comes to the history of computers can be traced back to the 19th Century during the discovery of mechanical devices like tabulating machines and Analytical Engine. Modern Computers that we are using in this era has been developed during the 20th century. These devices have been followed up with the invention of transistors, and integrated circuits were created at that time.

Today, every industry demands the utmost usage of computers, mainly in finance, education, healthcare, and more. Computers have become the easy access to our life through which we are seeking the best results. With the help of computers, we have been introduced to many new concepts, such as cloud computing, the internet, mobile devices, etc. A computer is able to process a lot of functions, as listed below:

  1. It accepts data
  2. Stores the data
  3. As per the requirements, process the data
  4. It retrieves the stored data when it’s needed
  5. Print the output as per the owner’s preferences.

What Are The Different Types Of Computers?

The classification of computers can be done through the variation of technologies and how it has been used. The way of design and performance of the computers also vary. The different types of computer has been categorized as Analog, Digital, and Hybrid. Let us discuss these computer types in this section.

Analog Computers 

This type of computer is utilized to access data created by ongoing physical processes. Analog computers can be best suited for simulating systems. The following simulator enables experiments as per a real-time environment.

Digital Computers

This type of computer follows modern technologies and is able to process data in discrete form. In this type, the data will be presented in binary formats such as 0s and 1s. The following computers are majorly used in scientific and industrial applications. A vast range of data can be processed in digital computers.

Hybrid Computers 

Hybrid Computers basically use both technologies accessed from digital and analog computers. It can showcase the accuracy of digital ones and can access speed like analog computers. Many complex simulations can be cost-effectively done through Hybrid computers.

Mainframe Computers 

Mainframe Computers are tagged to be efficient and powerful in which a large volume of data can be processed. Organizations like airlines, banks, and Government offices use this kind of computer. Multiple users can access the following computers at a time.


These types of computers are extremely pricey and are used to facilitate complex programming. It can be used for simulations, scientific calculations, and research. Many large-scale industries such as crypto, nuclear research, and weather forecast channels use this computer type.

Other Types Of Computers

In today’s era, people are striving to reveal advanced technologies. So, today’s electronics are structured as specialized computers. Here, we have listed some examples for your knowledge.

  • Wearables: Nowadays, wearable technology is considered to be the most used aspect, which involves smartwatches and fitness trackers. The owner can wear these devices to access the desired results.
  • Smartphones: Smartphones can adopt all the processing of computers, such as browsing, playing, and more. So, they can be called as the portable versions of computers.
  • TVs: There are a broad range of digital TVs have been discovered. You can access applications and can access a wide variety of online content through it.
  • Game Consoles: A game console is termed to be a special categorized computer through which a user can easily play video games on their TV.

Peripheral Devices

Peripheral devices are connected to the computers externally and process with different types of functions. These peripheral devices make the computers operate as per the demand of the users. Here, we have listed some prominent peripheral devices for your reference.

  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Optical Scanner
  • Light Pen
  • Touch Screen
  • Plotters
  • Printers
  • Track Ball
  • Speakers
  • Monitor
  • Microphone.


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What is Computer and where to get all the basics of computer?

The article above describes all the important basics of Computer.

A computer has been categorized into what types?

A computer has been categorized into Analog, digital, and hybrid types.

What are Peripheral devices?

Peripheral devices are externally attached to the computers and makes a computer operate as per the requirements of the user.

What are the different types of computers?

The list of different types of computers has been listed in the article.