Wipe The Slate Clean And Start Over…

IBPS brought out the results of Preliminary Examination that was conducted in the month of October for the recruitment process of Probationary Officers in various Public Sector Banks of India. Lakhs of candidates apply and appear for this examination every year but only a few happen to sail through the toilsome competition to secure a seat for themselves as a Probationary Officer in a reputed bank. The same cycle is repeated every year to single out the brilliant candidates congruous with the role of a Probationary Officer. While some made it to the final selections, others couldn’t pass muster this time. Everyone who couldn’t make the grades in this examination would have already become a sitting duck by now. If not, she herself would be either down in dumps with a lump in her throat or ruing the mistakes she made while preparing for the exam.
Students, always know that the real success lies in your efforts and travail that you put in while getting yourself ready to achieve something big, not in what you end up scoring on the final scorecard. You will always find people around you who will make you the object of scorns and scoffs, only a few understand that everyone stumbles and falls before getting it right.

You cannot explain to everyone how hard you have been trying to achieve this goal of yours, what actually went wrong just a day before the examination, how much laden you are with so many other responsibilities or any other thing that played a part in your failure. They don’t understand and they never will. The one who can understand is you. 

Everyone is fighting a battle that other people don’t know of, the battle that hinders her from getting to the destination she literally longs for. What matters the most is the spirit with which she continues to move forward to finally find a place under the sun. To all those who are brooding over their failure, you are the one who can bring about the change. If possible, try to change the thing that impedes your way to success, if not, learn to manage your studies through all the hardships you are facing at the moment. There are people who did it, so can you. They were all in a tight spot at some point in their lives, but, to make their lives better, they worked their way to where they are and so can you.
Wipe the slate clean and start over. Everyone gets a second bite at the cherry, so will you. Make sure that you take the right steps in the right direction and bring it to fruition this time.  All the best!!


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