World Menstrual Hygiene Day on 28 May

World menstrual hygiene day: Menstrual hygiene was never discussed and still a taboo topic in several countries. It is one of the least paid attention subjects in developing countries. Not caring enough has impacted the health status of women and often leads to so many other problems for women. Hence world menstruation day has been dedicated to looking into some of the issues related to mensuration and how to empower women to overcome them. This year it is celebrated on the 28th of May.

We have to know that menstrual hygiene is crucial for the young girl who is entering womanhood. Though there are several rituals for celebrating this, very little attention is paid for hygiene. It may be because

  • Lack of facilities like toilet
  • Illiteracy
  • Blind beliefs
  • Poverty

If the hygiene issue during menstruation isn’t dealt with properly, it leads to a whole host of problems in the future

  • Infection
  • Infertility
  • Death

 A lot of the girls leave school at the onset of the menstrual cycle because they don’t have proper menstrual products and lack of sanitation infrastructure. It undermines the social status of women in a big way, and the entire economy also wouldn’t grow as half of the population will literally sit out.

Menstrual hygiene day is dedicated to highlighting some of the issues that are faced and how they can be overcome. It allows a lot of people, such as NGOs and government agencies, to pitch to the private sector and individuals who can come forward and contribute to providing menstrual hygienic products or sponsors for better sanitation infrastructure. The media can highlight as well as promote better hygiene management.

When such days are dedicated, it allows the global audience to take notice and raise awareness and help abolish the negative social norms surrounding menstrual hygiene. It gets decision-makers to make policy changes at all levels. The menstrual hygiene day has come a long way since the first celebration in 2014.

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A lot of the organizations have now come together. The awareness has spread to create an impact in several countries to now look into menstrual hygiene with a new perspective and work on bettering infrastructure, allocating funds for campaigns in educating about menstrual hygiene. The implementation of the policies has to be followed through with proper monitoring and reporting.

Every year all the previous works are assessed and see how much progress has been made based on that newer reforms and funds have to raised to empower women to manage menstrual hygiene safely. So that the women don’t feel ashamed or ostracised and not undermined because they are menstruating. There is a need to go to backward and remote areas to tell that menstruation is normal and a natural process.

There has been a very good response after the commencement of world menstrual hygiene day there now

  • More on-ground events and a lot of people participating and engaging as well knowing about menstrual hygiene
  • There was massive social media engagement
  • A lot of support from political leaders and industrial bigwigs

If menstrual hygiene products become affordable and accessible to the poor and remote areas, a lot of menstrual hygiene problems can be solved. Lack of toilets and hygiene in them is one of the reasons that menstruating girls drop out of schools, which can be stopped if steps are taken to make it possible for all schools in the country to have separate toilets for girls.

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Several people are working on this as a lot of ad campaigns in the form of short films, and other media are being used to educate women to use the right kind of products for menstrual hygiene and explain to them the need to follow hygiene.

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