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World Population Day 2023, Date, History and Significance

World Population Day 2023

Our globe is the dominating boon for blossoming lives, but we must understand that something over is hazardous to health. Enlightening this particular notion, World Population Day gets celebrated on July 11, which is determined to make the people understand the rising population issues and related problems.

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The Effectiveness of World Population Day 2023

The eminent notions of World Population Day get celebrated to elevate concerns and public awareness for population growth. The United Nations Development Program emphasised the day in 1989 when the number of people darted around 5 billion on this planet. The major aim of this day is to make people believe in population control solutions.

World Population Day 2023 Prominent History

You must be aware of the growing population that will touch the boundary of 8 billion in the upcoming months. The Five Billion Day of 1987 was established to acknowledge the period when our world’s population had five billion people. Since then, the demography of the population has been escalating drastically. The increasing rate of population issues has been rooting multiple concepts. It is a broad umbrella covering family planning, environmental impacts, gender equality, human rights and more.

We all know overpopulation is a risky problem that deliberately depletes resources in an abnormal way. So, this World Population Day 2023 emphasizes the effects and drawbacks of overpopulation. The evolving rate of population also casts a major impact on women facing problems during pregnancy. So, maternal health is a complex situation that gets enlightened on this day.

Our society is also facing a rough phase due to population issues. In most developing countries, you can see many wicked crimes are taking place due to gender inequality.

The significant urgency of celebrating World Population Day

This eminent and crucial day makes us illuminate the public awareness related to the detrimental effects the growing population has on nature. Moreover, it also makes people aware of the growing population issue and the malicious impact on natural sources. So, if you are seeking development for your globe, you must abide by the significance of ‘World Population Day’.

World Population Day 2023 Topnotch Theme

As per the processing of UNFPA, this year’s World Population Day theme will focus on safeguarding the rights and health of women and girls. The theme of this special occasion gets decided by UN Council. The prominent motive remains specific for some essential terms related to gender equality and reproductive health.

How Special Will Be The ‘World Population Day Observance’?

To commemorate the following special occasion in 2023, many leading organizations and institutions will showcase their views to make people understand the meaning of better health. A series of educational programs will take place to make a layman understand the baleful effects of a growing population. It is beneficial for everyone to participate in these events and encourage the good notion of this day.

World Population Day 2023 Astonishing Facts

  • India will be the world’s highest populous country in 2024, leaving behind China.
  • Until the era of 1800s, the world’s population was significantly one billion, but now a billion is getting added within every period of 12 to 15 years.
  • It is estimated that there will be a need for 3 earths for living by 2050, looking at the current population growth.
  • Nigeria is the country where you can encounter the fastest population growth.
  • In some geographical areas of the world, around 250 babies get born every minute.

So, it’s high time to measure the engulfing significance of ‘World Population Day’. Our responsibility is to act strongly to control the dangerous effects of population growth. Let’s promise together to make this globe a fetching place to live for everyone.

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Who is known to be the discoverer of World Population Day?

The World Population Day was coined by Dr K.C.Zachariah. He was a Senior Demographer at World Bank.

What is the implementing motto of World Population Day?

The major aim of World Population Day is to make people aware of keeping a small family and enjoying a happy lifestyle.

What is the recent population count of India?

The current population is around 1,420,829,961 by July 9, 2023.

When was the first World Population Day was organized to be celebrated?

World Population Day became a highlighting event on 11 July 1990.