August Revision Class 14

Q1. A two-day meeting of BRICS women parliamentarian's forum began in which Indian city?

Q2. Which bank has partnered with Chillr, a mobile banking application that connects directly to a person’s bank account and enables instant money transfers, bill payments, phone recharge and e-commerce payments in a very secure environment?

Q3. Which company has launched ‘Mission Million Books’, a pan-India initiative inviting Indian citizens to donate textbooks and educational material for the underprivileged recently?

Q4. Which Indian company/companies have been listed in The Fortune 2016 “Change the World list”?

Q5. Which state has approved a new debt relief scheme for low income and poor people who face the threat of revenue recovery proceedings after they fail to repay loans taken from various financial institutions under the government. 

Q6. Government has issued notification allowing the LTV holders of minority communities of Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan to open bank account and purchase property for self occupation. LTV stands for?

Q7. Who will succeed Raghuram Rajan as the RBI chair after Rajan term comes to end on 03rd September 2016?

Q8. Name the Chairman and Managing Director of Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), has been awarded as the Most Enterprising CEO in Electronics Sector by the Indo Global Business Council (IGBC), a policy think-tank based in New Delhi.

Q9. India has pledged financial assistance worth Nepali ______________ for the construction of a new building and a hostel facility at a Sanskrit school in eastern Nepal. 

Q10.  Which country is the largest high speed train maker, who has announced its first USD 63.4 million joint venture plant in India, to repair and manufacture railway locomotive engines?

Q11. India ranks a low _________ in terms of fixed broadband adoption among Asia-Pacific countries, with just 1.3% of its citizens subscribing to such a service in 2015, according to a study by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP).

Q12. Which state's Police has launched DNA Index System (DIS), the first-of-its-kind initiative that allows generation of DNA profiles from live samples like saliva and blood stains?

Q13. Who was sworn-in as Governor of Manipur at the Raj Bhavan in state capital Imphal recently?

Q14. Which Bank has launched a three-in-one online investment and trading platform in association with Geojit BNP Paribas Financial Services recently?

Q15. Which country have beaten Germany to bag their Olympic Football gold for the first time in its history? 

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