Reasons of Failure in Competitive Exams | Avoid them!

Dear Aspirants,

Who doesn’t want his life to be endowed with copious resources and to own a high standard of living! A venerable post to be seated on, a smart salary package, felicitous job nature, a secure working environment and gratuitous perks are the demands of the current generation which a govt job promises to fulfill and that’s the purpose behind a govt aspirant’s long years hard work, endurance and a constant patience. Isn’t it fair enough to give your best to get the best! It is often seen that we give up on our goals when we are closest to it when we actually need to have a breakthrough in our plans, methods of preparation and our attitude. 
If you want to achieve your goal, do the same thing differently from others. Today, with this post our motive is to infuse you for your dream job by highlighting all the plausible reasons which stop you from cracking a govt exam usually.

Reasons: Why Are Aspirants Not Able To Clear the Exams

1. Preference to Quantity over Quality: It is quite a common and beguile practice on its part to pin your hopes on bunches of books and various study material rather than focusing on the quality of the same. You must need to know that you have to acquire apt and limited knowledge to get in your dream job not to be an expert in the peer group, family etc. However, there is no harm in acquiring additional knowledge but prudently it will be wise to do so when you have plenty of time or you are already serving in your dream job. Build your trust on one or two sources of study material of a particular subject. And instead of reading from various books or content, study and grasp from one book by practicing with it a number of times. 

2. Relying on other successful candidates’ notes: Everyone’s technique of learning process varies widely. Each brain is designed differently. The way one captures from a single study content can be distinct from the other. It is not necessarily that every time their advices might work for you as your time distinction, dealing with tricks & techniques and approach towards a single topic could vary. Their skill scales might be sharper than you. They may get the whole concept in only a few handy notes while it couldn’t be so for you. However, in the end it is the will not the skill that decides your victory. Stay the course. Beat them with hard work if not skill. 

3. Daily Life Distractions: It is all up to one’s will power that how badly one wants it. These distractions are not just the distractions of present but the reasons of your prolonged failure in future. Is not it a smart decision to work harder for a while and live the whole life tasting success than transient enjoyment in wasting time helter-skelter and have a remorse for whole life to come to naught. Turn these distractions into a fuel to boost yourself, instead of searching for useless videos on YouTube, look for exam preparation videos. Instead of leaving worthless comments, ask your queries, instead of being a part of impertinent social groups, be a part of study groups. 

4. Expecting Success Too Earlier: The factors success demands in one’s attributes includes Patience too. It is heart-rending to acknowledge that many aspirants give up abruptly when their path to success is about to end up at its door but they already accept the defeat.  They are well prepared to come across all the obstacles this far but then they become an obstacle to themselves with a fragile attitude and giving up on perseverance. 

5. Not being honest with oneself: We usually become inspired for a while and then get back to the same old track. We start lying to ourselves. Each day hard work counts in the final result. A person needs to ask oneself first if this is what he actually dreams of not just for the sake of meeting requirements or demands of others. And then chase your goal like it is the only thing in the world that matters in the moment. Stop telling yourself that there is enough time to start, to plan, to proceed. Don’t spare even a single day to practice hard. If you missed the set hours to study, then study in the still remaining hours.

6. Practice the sections that you need to be good at not the ones you are already good at: This says everything in itself that note down your weak points and work on it until you find yourself smooth in solving such particular subject queries.