IBPS RRB PO 2018 Interview Experience: G. Thirumurugan

IBPS RRB PO 2018 Interview Experience: G. Thirumurugan

Hello guys,

This is G.Thirumurugan, from Aruppukottai, Tamilnadu. First of all thanks for Adda team, Adda's current affairs and subject wise questions really helpful for exams as well as the interview. 

Interview date & time - 15/11/2018, 8.30 a.m.
Interview venue - Sri Vidhya Engineering College, Virudhunagar.

After all formalities, I went into the room around 12.15pm. My panel has 5 members, 1 Female and 4 Males. Fortunately, my close friend's interview panel and time also same. So, we both went to the same time, immediately after me she went. Even though, I'm entered into the room with little bit nervous. Because I'm B.Com (CA) degree holder and completed in 2014.

After I said Good Afternoon to them, 2 males said take your seat, I said Thank you, sir. Around 10 seconds silent. Then, M1 started... 

Thambi where are you from? 
Me - Sir, I'm from Aruppukottai.

M1 - You are B.com degree holder, right?
Me - Yes sir, B.Com.

M1- Good. What is the Balance Sheet? Can you tell shortly about Liabilities and Assets side?
M3, M4 - Both are crossed, tell the answer behalf of bank side.
Me - Started well but I told about the general balance sheet, so M4 again crossed. Thambi thinks well and tells the answer. Little bit confused, so asked to him, sir do want answer behalf of the bank?

M3 - Yes, yes.
Me - Deposits are liabilities and Loans are assets sir. 

M1- What are other Assets?
Me - Buildings and premises

M1 - Premises? Super super
F1 - Why do you want to serve in RRB?
Me - Smiled. Because I know the reason behind this question. She also smiled. Then, I started, I've been NSS leader at my college level, so we have conducted various awareness programs and medical camps to village peoples and I would like to serve peoples, I'm like service minded ma'am. So, I came to RRB. Everyone accepted the answer.

F1- What is KYC?
Me - Given detailed answer.

M2 - What is Fixed cost and Variable cost?
Me - Given reaction like thinking.

M2 - Ok, no issues. What is Depreciation in assets side of the balance sheet?
Me - I have given detailed answer
Later, I have realized Fixed cost and Variable cost answer also behalf of depreciation.

M4 - What are single entry and Double entry system?
Me - Answered with examples.

M3 - What the system is bank using now?
Me - Double Entry system sir. 
Everyone accepted all my answers.

M3 smiled and said Thirumurugan All the best to you. I'm smiled and thanked everyone. Happily came out of the room.

I'm satisfied with my performance and also their reactions. The full interview went in Tamil only, I just converted into simple English to all of you. So, guys keep yourself calm and give answers with the positive and smiley face. And All the best to everyone who has an interview on the coming days. Do well and keep rocking.


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