A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish

A goal is simply a person’s ambition or aim that he/ she desires to achieve. Just having a goal or wishing to get success is not effective till the time you start working in a particular direction. A goal alone is not productive. Patience, hard & consistent efforts and a proper plan is needed to reach a goal.

Most practices fail to thrive because they’ve never really established goals. There is a need to have clear, specific, SMART goals. It’s an acronym often used in goal setting and mean:

S=     Specific
M=     Measurable
A=     Achievable
R=     Relevant
T=     Trackable

Goals are no longer vague or wishful thinking. But you still need the roadmap to get there. This is no place for trial-and-error or a disconnected series of random efforts.

Before setting a goal what is to kept in mind are the three question that should be cleared in sequence:

What: Set your goal and be to the mark. Answer your what question than.

Why: Mere setting a goal isn’t going to serve your purpose, till the time you don’t know why you want to achieve that goal. So know the reason of your goal.

How: After you are clear with your goals and reasons, make a plan that will help you in achieving your goal. This is the most important step. Make a plan which is feasible and can work in accordance to your goal.

So, make a plan, work on it and don’t be a mere day-dreamer. 

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