Arise, Awake and Sleep No More

Sleeping can be the most relaxing thing of life but will you sleep sacrificing your dream or goal? It is better to sacrifice your sleep rather than sacrificing your dreams. Life can be better with the right choices. You have to get up and make a move. Your have to leave the resting moment to emerge in flying colours. In life you choices makes you either a warrior or a loser. The wrong decisions however are most probably can be improvement even. Leave the habit of procastination and give direction to your mind to wake up and act in the respective situation.

The full quote given by Swami Vivekanand to gain the desired goal or enlightenment is “Arise, Awake, Sleep No More; Within Each Of You There Is The Power To Remove All Wants And All Miseries”. Believe This, And That Power Will Be Manifested, as this one line quote is more than just a quote. It is the reality of life. So, stop sleeping and sacrifice your dreams for that one goal/dream without which your life is incomplete.

“You Can Not Believe In God, Until You Believe In Yourself”