Arithmetic Word Problems Set for IBPS RRB Prelims 2020- Download Arithmetic Word Questions PDF

Arithmetic Word Problems Questions for IBPS RRB 2020 Exam- Arithmetic is an important topic and carries a lot of weightage in any examination. Almost all the topics in Quantitative Aptitude are based on this topic be it Data Interpretation or caselet DI etc and hence you cannot give it a cold shoulder. In this space we will be giving you some Generalise tips to ace this topic and increase your score along with a free PDF. Make sure you read the tips first and then try to impliment them on the free questions provided in the PDF.

Arithmetic Word Questions- Tips

Given below are some of the tips that will be helpful for you to solve the Arithemetic Word Questions in any government exam:

Topics like: Average, Percentages, Profit and Loss, Interest, Ratio and Proportion make this section and it is very important to go through the formula and practice them carefully.

Take One Topic At A time- This is the basic tip that one must remember. It is important not to get confused and start practicing all these topics at a time as you will end up getting no where and hence it is require to pick up a topic which is more time consuming to the less time consuming topics.

Learn The Basics- This is another crucial step, make sure to understand the concept rather than cramming the formulas of the same as you will not end up getting anywhere. Try to imagine problems given in the question in your daily life and then try to solve them.

Take Topic-Wise Test- Once you are done with each and every topic, the next step is to know your level of understanding of that particular topic and hence the wise thing to do is to take the topic-wise test.

Take Sectional Tests- Once you are done with the whole syllabus of Arithemetic, start taking sectional tests and analyse your performance accordingly. Analysis should be done in a way that you understand the areas where you need more practice and the areas you are strong in.

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What Not To Do?

There are times when students think that they can afford to skip arithmetic word problems to achieve sufficient marks to clear the cutoff and this is where they make the biggest mistake because the exam pattern can change in any exam without prior notice. The weightage of topics can fluctuate and hence in such a case only that cadndiate will be able to clear the cut-off who has prepared all the topics. Another important thing to keep in mind is that these days arithmetic word problems have become a major part of bank exams and that there are some tricky questions from certain topics like: Permutations & Combinations, Probability, Time, Speed & Distance (including Boat & Stream) Algebra, Time & Work (including Pipes & Cisterns) – Mensuration & Geometry, Mixtures & Allegations. You don’t have to cover them all because one cannot solve all the word problems in the exam. Its about being jack of all trades, master of none. It is thus become very important that you must choose the topics you are good at and then go for attempting those questions.

Now that you know all the tips and tricks to solve this topic, it’s time to practice them with some questions and for that we are providing you the Free PDF on Arithemetic Question.

Click Here To Download The Arithemtic Word Questions PDF

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