Important Days In September 2020: Important Days & Events In India

Important Days In September 2020- As we have entered in September month, so do we have many days to celebrate. Lets have a look which days gonna come in September in India. Here is complete list of important days in September 2020 in India that are important from history point of view or to raise awareness about certain social evils or events. These days are important from exam point of view too as they are often asked in the government recruitment exams like SSC, Banking and Railways. In this article we have provided you the compiled list of Important days & events in September. This list will come very handy to you in terms of your final revision so make sure you bookmark this space to read it any time you want.

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Important Days In September 2020

Given below is the list of important events in September that one must go through in order to prepare this topic. There are many important days in September that are celebrated to raise awareness about certain things like: Dementia, Heart diseases, Deafness etc. We will be discussing about them in detail after the list:

Important Events in September 2020
Date Name of Important Days
1 September National Nutrition Week
2 September Victory over Japan Day or V-J Day
2 September World Coconut Day
3 September Skyscraper Day
5 September International Day of Charity
5 September Teachers’ Day (India)
7 September Brazilian Independence Day
8 September International Literacy Day
8 September World Physical Therapy Day
10 September World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD)
22nd August September – 2nd September Onam Festival
14 September World First Aid Day
14 September Hindi Diwas
15 September Engineer’s Day (India)
15 September International Day of Democracy
16 September Malaysia Day
16 September World Ozone Day
19 September International Talk Like a Pirate Day
21 September International Day of Peace (UN)
21 September World Alzheimer’s Day
22 September Rose Day (Welfare of Cancer patients)
26 September European Day of Languages
26 September World Contraception Day
26 September World Maritime Day
27 September World Tourism Day
28 September World Rabies Day
29 September World Heart Day
30 September International Translation Day
Fourth Sunday of September World Rivers Day
Starts last week of September and ends on last Sunday of September Day of Deaf

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National Nutrition Week- Every year National Nutrition week is celebrated from 1 September to 7th September in order to provide knowledge among people about the importance of nutrition for better health.

Victory over Japan Day: This day the marks the victory over Japan as it was on 2nd September, 1945, When Japan  surrendered aboard the U.S.S Missouri,  which was anchored in Tokyo Bay after its defeat in World War 2.

World Coconut Day- Coconuts are everyone’s favorite and this day is a way to create awareness among the people about the importance of this fruit in poverty reduction.

Onam Festival- One of the most loved festival widely celebrated in Kerala with Joy as it marks the homecoming of mythical king Mahabali as well as it is the harvesting festival. There is no fixed date and keep on changing as per the Hindu Calendar and this year Onam ends on September 2.

Skyscraper Day- This day is celebrate to highlights the extra ordinary abilities of a man to construct an industrial masterpiece.

International Day of Charity- This day is celebrated to help the people around the world suffering from poverty and an effort to eradicate poverty in all its forms.

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Teachers Day- Teachers in India holds a more prominent place than parents and this day is celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of India’s second President Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan in form of Teacher’ Day and students appreciate and acknowledge the efforts of teachers in shaping their future.

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Brazil Independence Day- On 7th September 1822, Brazil got the independence from the Portuguese. It was in 1889 that Brazil decided to become a republic Government  and it ended its monarchical system. 

International Literacy Day- Literacy is one the basic human rights and this day is celebrated to  make people aware of the importance of literacy.

World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD- This day is celebrate to create the awareness among people about the Suicide and to prevent more suicides from happening.

World First Aid Day- This day is celebrated to raise awareness among people about the importance of first aid and how it can save lives in case of an emergency.

Hindi Divas- This day is celebrated because it was on this day that the Constituent Assembly of India had adopted Hindi written in Devanagari script in 1949 as the official language of the Republic of India.

Engineers Day- This day is celebrated in India in order to give tribute to India’s first engineer, Engineer Bharat Ratna Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya.

International Day of Democracy- This day is celebrated to highlight the importance of democracy in a country.

World Ozone Day: Montreal Protocol wa signed on this day in 1987. United General Assemble established this day to celebrate World Ozone day to remind the world about the depletion of the Ozone Layer and its dangers.

International Day of Peace- In 2001, General Assemble adopted a resolution 55/282 and established September 21 as International Day of Peace of non-violence and cease-fire.

World Alzheimer’s Day- This day is celebrated to create awareness among people about the challenges faced by people due to dementia. In 2012, World Alzheimer’s Month was launched.

Rose Day- This day is celebrated to provide an opportunity for the people to stand for the welfare of cancer patients and helps in creating hope for cancer patients for the availability of its cure.

European Day of Languages- This day is celebrated in order to create awareness among the citizens about the importance of language learning and protecting the heritage of the language

World Contraception Day- This day is celebrated to raise awareness about the importance of Contraception and different methods of Contraception.

World Tourism Day- This day is celebrated to create awareness among people to look Tourism as an industry and a pool of employment and build a future for millions of people around the world.

World Rivers Day- Every year this day is celebrated on last Sunday of September. It is celebrated in order to encourages people to improve and save water, rivers around the world.

International Week of the Deaf or Deaf Awareness Week- This week generally starts on the last week of September and ends on the last Sunday of the month and also known as World Day of Deaf.

World Rabies Day- This day is celebrated in order to create the awareness about this disease and also to aware people about its preventive measures.

World Heart Day- This day is observed to raise awareness among people about the the heart-related diseases.

Given above are all the Important days & events in September that one must go through. For more interesting and informative articles, stay tuned to bankersadda!