Bank & Insurance Exams 2019: Letter Writing Competition Winner!!

Letter writing is an important way of communication when it comes to official processing. So the banking sector aspirants have to be precise in the format, the language of the letter for both formal and informal letters should be kept in mind while writing for the banking and insurance examination. And so that you are aware of your perfection in the writing letter section, Adda247 contested a letter-writing competition where hundreds of students participated with full enthusiasm.

And we have the winner – We are happy to announce Uttara Deb the winner of Letter writing competition. She was selected out of all the aspirants. Her letter followed the correct format and the structure for a formal letter. 

The topics that were chosen for the letter-writing competition were:
  • Write a letter to the editor heightening water crisis and the importance of water.
  • Write a letter to your branch manager inquiring about the opening of the NRI account.
  • As a branch manager, write a letter to the Superintendent of Police for frequent patrolling at night to tackle with ATM theft. 
  • Letter to your sister informing her about your recent experience of travelling abroad.
  • Your friend/sibling congratulating him/her on their selection in SBI as a Probationary Officer

The selection procedure was – 
Our selection process checked for Proper format, structure, fresh ideas, word limits, relevance to topics, Language, Structure, Creativity, Communication of idea letter should be free from spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes. All entries were checked for plagiarism.

Now moving on to the common mistakes that were encountered while analyzing the letters of the aspirants:

1. Incorrect format of the letter, both formal and informal.
2. The date should have been placed after the Address.

3. Not paying much attention to grammar.

4. Sentence formation error- Upper case, lower case, capital ‘I’.
5. Punctuation error 

No space after the full stops. 
Forgetting about the commas wherever required.

(Punctuations makes the sense out of  a plain sentence if you need to learn the basic read our article on PUNCTUATION)

6. Usage of  XYZ etc, in the place of name and address.

* ( You are provided with a name and an address in the mains examination. In case this doesn’t follow, you can always use an imaginary name and address in spite of using XYZ.)