Bank PO 2019: Probationary Officer Job Profile

The trend of attempting all sorts of banking exams has found a new epoch and securing a seat in one of the Public Sector Banks of India has momentarily become an unchallenged standard. When it comes to making a headway in the career as a banker, the job role of a Probationary Officer sticks out to be the best of all. The job of a Probationary Officer in a Public Sector Bank of India not only helps one make the ends meet but also lead a sybaritic lifestyle ahead with a hefty salary, extra perks, allowances and employee benefits.  Are you also preparing for bank PO examinations and wanna know what the role of a Probationary Officer actually is? Stick around. We will discuss the nuts and bolts of the job role of a Probationary Officer of a Public Sector Bank in this article.

IBPS PO Work Profile

When a candidate gets selected for the post of Probationary Officer through IBPS PO or any other competitive examination, she first serves a probation period of 2 years (that varies across different Public Sector Banks). After the bank employee completes her probation period, she appears for an internal exam (rules and structure of which vary across different Public Sector Banks) conducted by the bank she is serving for. A candidate is only assigned the post of Assistant Manager when she qualifies this exam and the probation period is extended if she fails. 
  • Probationary Officers and Managers in banks are into customer dealing, maintenance and supervising regular branch activities. 
  • The job role or the work responsibility of a Probationary Officer of a Public Sector Bank is to look after public relations, monitor and regulate branch activities & tasks, address customer related issues & grievances, approve & monitor daily transactions of branch & customers and handle the processing of loans.
  • An assistant manager is expected to multitask and verify the work done by clerks whenever required. Also, she has to be aware of the policies and decisions made by the management so as to implement them for a smooth functioning of the branch.

Growth Opportunity

After one is selected for the post of a Probationary Officer, she is promoted to the post of Assistant Manager through an internal examination as we previously discussed. These banks keep conducting internal examinations at regular intervals for the process of promotion. Apart from these internal examinations, one also gets promoted on the basis of her seniority. The growth chart of a probationary officer begins with the post of Assistant Manager and then she is promoted to the following posts:

  • Deputy Manager
  • Branch Manager
  • Senior Branch Manager
  • Chief Manager
  • Assistant General Manager
  • DGM
  • General Manager

After being posted in a Public Sector Bank, you can also appear for Associate Exams for JAIIB and CAIIB Certifications that serve a purpose when you are getting promoted.