Bank PO VS SSC CGL: Which is better?

The students these days aspire to appear for government exams or bank exams because of high job security in both sectors. SSC CGL and Bank PO are two of the most lucrative Job posts for which lakhs of aspirants appear every year. The question that arises in the minds of the aspirants: which one is a better job position?Which is a better career option? Which is better SSC CGL or Bank PO Job? It is very difficult to answer this question directly as both these job positions hold a great amount of importance in the government sector for various reasons. In this article we will be discussing those reasons and compare each and every aspect of SSC and Bank PO so that the candidates can choose which one suits their interest.


We will be comparing different aspects of the two job posts : Bank PO and SSC CGL and give an overview to the aspirants so that they can choose which one is better.

Bank PO VS SSC CGL: Job Profile

Bank PO Job Profile:

A probationary officer in a bank has to perform several duties which is the part of his/her job profile. The job of a Bank PO is a target based Job. And the efforts that are put in this job profile is much higher than that of SSC.

Let us look at some of the duties that Bank PO Takes part in:

  • Handling cash activities in the bank
  • Providing services to the customers
  • Account management of the bank customers
  • Working as a public relations officer
  • Issuing: ATM cards, cheque-books, demand drafts, etc.
  • Taking decisions that are beneficial for the bank

SSC CGL Job Profile:

Job profile is considered to have less work pressure than that of Bank PO. Candidates who get selected for the post of SSC CGL will have to perform both desk jobs as well as field jobs. Let us not discuss what are the duties that a candidate have to perform if he/she gets selected for the post of SSC CGL.

  • Candidates will have to work as an upper division Klerk, assistant, auditors, tax assistance, etc.while performing the desk jobs.
  • Candidates who are appearing for this job profile will be appointed as inspectors, CBI and narcotics officers, etc.
  • Be a part of the development of nationwide policies by looking after the bank office work.

Bank PO VS SSC CGL : Career Growth and Promotions


It takes 2 to 3 years for a bank PO to get a promotion. Profound efforts and hard work and lead a Bank PO to reach to the topmost positions of the bank. Below is the hierarchy of the career profession of a Bank PO

Chairman & Managing Director (CMD)


            Executive Director (ED)


              General Manager


         Deputy General  Manager


      Assistant  General Manager


                 Chief Manager


               Senior Manager




             Assistant Manager

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Promotions happen once in 4 to 5 years in the job position of SSC CGL. To become a senior auditor from an auditor a candidate have to work for 3 to 4 years. In comparison to the job profile of bank PO, the promotion in this job profile takes a little more time. A candidate if appointed for the SSC CGL Job profile can move up to Principal Director, Commissioner, Senior deputy accountant general, and director level.

Bank PO VS SSC CGL: Salary Package

Let us now compare the two job posts on the basis of the salary package that they offer. It was seen that the Job post of Bank PO offers a much higher salary package than that of SSC CGL.

Bank PO Salary (Gross)

SSC CGL Salary: According to grade pays

Gross Bank PO Salary is 


a) 1800 (INR 13,113)

b) 1900 (INR 14,389)

c) 2400 (INR 19,920)

d) 2800 (INR 22,454)

e) 4200 (INR 26,095)

f) 4600 (INR 32,328)

g) 4800 (INR 34,033)


Bank PO VS SSC CGL: Work Pressure

Let us compare the work pressure of the two job posts to get a better overview of the environment that the candidates have to face while working in their respective job positions.

Bank PO : The work pressure in the profile of Bank PO is much higher than that of SSC CGL as a probationary officer deals with people directly. A Bank PO has to go through meticulous training sessions before performing the regular duties. A Bank PO will be trained in different sectors like marketing, investment, billing, finance, accounting, human resource, general banking, agricultural banking, etc.

SSC CGL: In comparison to the job profile of Bank PO there is lower work pressure and higher peace of mind in the post of SSC CGL. The Executive in this job profile have to perform tasks like administrative task, supervision or any other task asked by the senior official which is mean much relaxing in comparison to the tasks that a Bank PO Performs. We can say that this job profile insurers and excellent work life balance.

Bank PO VS SSC CGL : Which One Is Better ?

The SSC CGL Job profile Involves travelling, inspections, surveillance, raids, etc.while on the other hand the job profile of bank PO requires the executive to deal with customers directly. A candidate who is opting for SSC CGL job profile must have physical standards as this job profile requires it. Bank PO itself self is an exhaustive job. If a candidate wants to go for a better salary package then Bank PO Offers a higher salary package than that of SSC CGL and If a candidate is looking for less work pressure then SSC CGL Ensures an excellent worklife balance.


After comparing each and every aspect of these two job positions it becomes very easy for the candidate to make the right choice while deciding between the two: Bank PO and SSC CGL. Aspirants must make their choice wisely and according to their area of interest and determination towards the exam.

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