Banking Puzzle

Banking Puzzle- The puzzle is one such topic that you cannot miss at any cost as this topic carries the majority of the marks in the Reasoning section in banking exams. Approximately 70-75% in the Reasoning section is dominated by the puzzles. Hence, a serious student cannot afford to miss this topic.

Puzzles are usually based on seating arrangement (Circular, Linear, Square, Triangular) in Prelims as well as in mains but in Mains, we have also seen many new type puzzles based on certain logic and students are supposed to find the logic and solve the questions.

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Approach to attempt a puzzle in the examination:

1. Read the puzzle carefully in one go and note down all the conditions on the rough sheet.

 2. Write down the important points separately.

 3. Now arrange the information in the asked seating arrangement.

 4.  Start solving the puzzle by making different possibilities.

 5. As you proceed, keep canceling out the possibilities that do not follow or go against the information that is provided in the puzzle.

 6. In the end, you will be left with only one possibility that will be following all the given directions in the question. 

Important tips:

  • It is important to choose the statement wisely to start the puzzle. Start with the statement that fills the maximum possibilities or have a maximum relationship with other statements.
  • Stuck to the question and never assume anything on your overdrawing different possibilities to obtain the solution.
  • Learn to differentiate between different words implying different meanings for ex. A sit exactly between C and D will imply that the distance of A from C and D will be equal while A sits between C and D does not necessarily means that A is at equal distance from C & D.
  • Other words to focus on are ‘not’, ‘only’, ‘who’, ‘and’.
  • Gender-defining terms like ‘him’, ‘her’, ‘he, ‘she’, are very helpful in defining the certain relationship between two variables hence try not to ignore them.

The only way to ace Puzzle is a continuous practice. Hence, try to solve 5-10 puzzles daily on your no matter how much time they consume.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How to solve puzzles fast?

Ans. Continuous practice and the approach stated above can surely help you to solve the puzzle fast.

Q. What are different types of Puzzle?

Ans. Usually, the puzzles asked in the reasoning section are seating arrangements based like circular, Linear, Triangular, etc.

Q. Does Puzzle come in the Mains exam as well?

Ans. Yes! The puzzle does come in the Mains exam as well.