Banking Quiz for Canara Bank and Syndicate Bank PO Exam 2018 (Based on Union Budget 2018-19)

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Banking Quiz for Canara Bank and Syndicate Bank PO Exam 2018

Banking Awareness for Canara Bank PO

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With the increased competition in the field of banking examinations, it has now become very important to cover up all the sections efficiently. One subject that can help you bagging graceful marks in the minimum time in these examinations is Banking Awareness. Banking Awareness (Quiz based on Union Budget 2018-19) not only helps you deal with the General Awareness Section of Banking Exams but also, the Personal Interview round of Banking Recruitment.

Q1. In Union Budget 2018-19, the Government has made a commitment to the welfare of farmers and doubling farmers income by which year?
(a) 2024
(b) 2020
(c) 2022
(d) 2028
(e) 2026

Q2. FM Arun Jaitley stated the volume of institutional credit for agriculture sector from year-to-year increased from Rs.8.5 lakh crore in 2014-15 to Rs.10 lakh crore in 2017-18 and he proposed to raise this to ___________ crore for the year 2018-19. 
(a) Rs. 11 lakh crore
(b) Rs. 13 lakh crore
(c) Rs. 15 lakh crore
(d) Rs. 17 lakh crore
(e) Rs. 18 lakh crore

Q3. How much amount has been allocated for Ministry of Food Processing in Union Budget 2018-19?
(a) Rs.2600 crore 
(b) Rs.2100 crore 
(c) Rs.1000 crore 
(d) Rs.1700 crore 
(e) Rs.1400 crore
Q4. The Finance Minister stated that estimated budgetary expenditure on health, education and social protection for 2018-19 is ______________________ against estimated expenditure of Rs.1.22 lakh crore in 2017-18.
(a) Rs.1.52 lakh crore
(b) Rs.1.38 lakh crore
(c) Rs.1.27 lakh crore
(d) Rs.1.63 lakh crore
(e) Rs.1.85 lakh crore

Q5. The Budget has proposed an outlay of how much crore for the textile sector in 2018-19?
(a) Rs. 6000 crore
(b) Rs. 12320 crore
(c) Rs. 9100 crore
(d) Rs. 7148 crore
(e) Rs. 4203 crore
Q6. FM has announced increase of budgetary allocation on infrastructure for 2018-19 to ______________ against estimated expenditure of Rs.4.94 lakh crore in 2017-18.
(a) Rs. 5.97 lakh crore
(b) Rs. 8.42 lakh crore 
(c) Rs. 9.38 lakh crore 
(d) Rs. 10.15 lakh crore 
(e) Rs. 17.22 lakh crore 
Q7. How much amount has been pegged of the Railways Capital Expenditure for the year 2018-19?
(a) Rs. 2,57,123 crore
(b) Rs. 1,48,528 crore
(c) Rs. 4,62,231 crore
(d) Rs. 6,72,732 crore
(e) Rs. 8,32,645 crore
Q8. Under the Regional connectivity scheme of UDAN initiated by the Government last year, 56 unserved airports and 31 unserved helipads would be connected. UDAN stands for-
(a) Utho Desh ka Aam Nagrik
(b) Ude Dono ka Aam Nagrik
(c) Ude Desh ka Aam Nagrik
(d) Ude Desh ka Aam Nation
(e) Ude Desh ka Agency Nagrik
Q9. The Budget 2018-19 has proposed to expand the airport capacity more than five times to handle a billion trips a year under a new initiative. What is the name of that initiative?
(a) NAYA Nirman
(b) NATION Nirman
(c) NAVAL Nirman
(d) NABH Nirman
(e) NOTA Nirman

Q10. Government will establish a unified authority for regulating all financial services in IFSCs in India. What is the meaning of “S” in IFSCs?
(a) Selling
(b) Solutions
(c) Scheme
(d) System
(e) Service
Q11. The Union Budget 2018-19 has doubled the allocation on Digital India programme to Rs __________ crore in 2018-19.
(a) Rs 1231 crore
(b) Rs 16321 crore
(c) Rs 3073 crore
(d) Rs 7029 crore
(e) Rs 10123 crore
Q12. To further Broadband access in villages, the Government has proposed to set up ____________ wifi hotspots to provide net connectivity to five crore rural citizens. 
(a) five lakh
(b) two lakh
(c) four lakh
(d) six lakh
(e) eight lakh

Q13. How much disinvestment target has been set for Financial Year 2018-19?
(a) Rs.72,500 crore
(b) Rs.50,000 crore
(c) Rs.70,000 crore
(d) Rs.60,000 crore
(e) Rs.80,000 crore
Q14. According to Union Budget 2018-19, Three Public Sector Insurance companies will be merged into a single insurance entity. Which of the following is not them?
(a) Oriental India insurance Co. Ltd
(b) United India Assurance Co. Ltd
(c) National Insurance Co. Ltd
(d) General Insurance Corporation of India
(e) None of the given options is true
Q15. To celebrate the 150 Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, Father of the Nation from 02nd October 2019, the Budget set aside _____________ for the activities leading to the commemoration programme.
(a) Rs. 250 crore 
(b) Rs. 150 crore
(c) Rs. 100 crore 
(d) Rs. 350 crore 
(e) Rs. 450 crore