Best Approach Towards Solving Error Detection In Banking Exam

| Updated On January 8th, 2020 at 01:16 pm

Banking examination are getting popular with every passing year. Most of the banking exam follows almost an aligned pattern. With Quant and Reasoning, English Language forms a major scoring area of the banking examination. It is important for all the student who are preparing for the bank and other aptitude test to practice for the English Section as well. Generally, English section is either underestimated or overated. Candidates are advised to mainatain balance between all the sections to emerge in flying colours. This article is dedicated to deal with the Error Detection of the English Section.

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Error Detection is one of the most important topic of English Language Section in Banking Exam. To solve the questions related to Spotting Error, one need to have a good knowledge of grammar. We are providing you with some common ways to solve error related questions and also some sample questions that will help you to guide as well.

Approach to solve the Error Detection/ Spotting Error?

General Tips

Grammar: English Section demands a proper knowledge of grammar. You should know the basic rules of grammar for which you don’t have to go deep into the grammar rules. You just have to skim through the basic concepts and you will be able to solve most of the questions. Solve as many questions as you can, this will help you understand the application of most of the most of the grammatical rules.

Tense: The other important thing that can help you in solving error is tense. Whether the Spotting Error is in the form of single fillers or paragraph, an aspirant need to detect the tense first. After inspecting for tense in a sentence or paragraph, it will become easy to detect the exact error.

Subject-Verb Agreement: This can also help you in apotting error easily.

Tone: The tone of the sentence and paragraph also denotes the error. So, if you read the sentence or paragraph seriously, you will spot the error if any.

Practice: This is the most important step as nothing other than practice can sail you through the examination. Error dettection is that on topics which appears in almost every examination. So, it is important to prepare this topic so that you don’t have to regret. Practice mock test, sectional test and topic-wise test. You can also solve daily quizzes to help yourself.

Other Steps to follow 

Spotting Error/ Error Detection can be solved through the following steps:

  1. In the first stance,  read the complete sentence carefully. Most of the times, you will be able to detect the error in the first go. While
    reading the entire sentence, you must carefully check the subject-verb agreement.
  2. The second step is to carefully check all the spellings as sometimes an error can be spotted in spellings.
  3. If you still are not able to detect the error or you are still unsure of the correct answer, then you must read each individual part of the sentence and closely examine which part has the error.
  4. You must go through some common rules so that you don’t have to experience the negative marking.

Some Examples to Check your Spotting Error Topic

English Quiz for Bank Exam

Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. 

Ques. Most of the people which (A)/ have been victims (B)/ of extreme violence (C)/ are too frightened to report it to the police. (D)/No Error (E).

Answer: Substitute ‘which’ with ‘who’ in part A.

Tip: Use which for things and who for people.

Ques. My father does (A)/ not mind to be (B)/ disturbed while he (C)/ is reading the newspaper. (D)/ No error (E)

Answer: There is a correction in part B of the sentence. ‘Gerund’ (verb+ing) will come after ‘mind’. So, change ‘to be’ into ‘being’.

Ques. He confidently asked the crowd (A)/if they thought that (B)/ he was right (C) / and the crowd shouted that they do. (D)/No error (E)

Answer: The part D of the sentence has error. Change ‘do’ to ‘did’ as sentence starting in the past should stay in the past.

Test Yourself!! Attempt a Quiz of Error Detection:

English Quiz for IBPS Clerk Prelims 11th November

The English language perplexes most of the students and makes one nervous during the examination even if the answer to the question is known. But there are no formulas to cramp or the longer the calculation to deal with. The mistakes that occur are because of the lack of confidence. With proper strategy, Study NotesQuizzesVocabulary one can calm his/her nerves and excel in no time. Make the reading newspaper, editorial a habit, and also participate in the daily quiz. The IBPS Clerk 2019 is just one step away from your reach. Here is the quiz under the Study Plan ‘FATEH’, on the IBPS Clerk Prelims English Quiz and we have an Error Detection for 11th November 2019. You can also check out the latest books for IBPS Clerk 2019 exam.

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