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Bihar GK Question With Answer, Download Free PDF

Bihar GK Questions 2022 With Answers: The GK section is one of the most important as well as a scoring section in the exams. Candidates who are preparing for Bihar state exams must check out the top 100 GK questions which are provided in the PDF below. GK itself is very vast therefore candidates must adopt a selective strategy to cover the entire syllabus. Bihar GK consists of subjects like History, Geography, Polity, Environment & Culture, General Science, and Bihar static GK. Revision is the key to success therefore candidates must revise all the topics at regular intervals. Keep reading this article to check more info

Bihar GK Questions

The GK segment can be a scoring section if prepared well. The first footstep towards GK preparation is to make a list of topics from each of the categories mentioned above in the article. If the exam you are appearing in is very near then candidates should revise multiple times what they have read till date. Candidates should avoid learning anything new and practice as many questions as they can. For more questions of Bihar GK, candidates can attempt multiple quizzes which are available free of cost on our Adda247 app.

Bihar Gk Questions 2022

The weightage of GK portion is different in different competitive exams of Bihar. In the Bihar SI Mains Exam 2022 which is going to be conducted on 24th April 2022, 100 questions will be asked carrying 200 marks. In the article below candidates can check GK questions with a proper explanation.

Bihar GK Questions With Answer

Q1. Which of the following is used for wrapping fractured bones?
(a) white cement.
(b) white lead.
(c) Zinc oxide.
(d) Plaster of Paris.

Q2. How many feet have a crab got?
(a) 12.
(b) 10.
(c) 8.
(d) 6.

Q3. Does water flow off the wings of birds and insects due to the presence of?
(a) Waxes.
(b) Sugars.
(c) Proteins.
(d) Minerals.

Q4. Who were the invertors of frozen foods?
(a) Alfred Nobel.
(b) Clarence Birdseye.
(c) Frank whittle.
(d) Ives Mcguffey

Q5. What are the female gametes called?
(a) Zygote.
(b) Ova.
(c) sperms.
(d) Embryo.

Q6. The limb bones of children become bent if there is a deficiency of vitamins?
(a) A.
(b) B1.
(c) D.
(d) E.

Q7. In females, the uterus is?
(a) single.
(b) Double.
(c) Triple.
(d) Four.

Q8. In mammals, an important role of excretion is played by?
(a) Large intestine.
(b) kidneys.
(c) Lungs.
(d) Liver.

Q9. Heavy water is_____?
a) Monoterium oxide.
(b) Polyterium oxide.
(c) Deuterium oxide.
(d) Trislum oxide.

Q10. Which of the following is found in hair?
(a) Histone.
(b) keratin.
(c) Elastin.
(d) Actin.

Answers of Bihar GK

S1. Ans. (d)
• Plaster of Paris is a hard white substance made by the addition of water to powered and partly dehydragypsum.
• It is used for holding broken bones.

S2. Ans. (c)
• Crabs belong to the category crustaceans of Phylum Arthropoda.
• Crabs can live in oceans, freshwater, and on land.
• The body is covered with a thick exoskeleton with four pairs or eight legs.

S3. Ans. (a)
• Wings of birds and insects have the coating of Waxes, which helps in resistance to water and easy flight of birds and insects.

S4. Ans. (b)
• Frozen foods were discovered by American entrepreneur Clarence Birdseye.

S5. Ans. (b)
• Gametes are the reproductive cells present in an organism.
• Female gametes are called Ova.
• Ova is the haploid cells formed by the process of oogenesis.

S6. Ans. (c)
• Vitamin D causes deficiency diseases named rickets and osteomalacia.
• Rickets leads to bone deformation i.e. bent in the limbs of children.

S7. Ans. (a)
• The uterus is a major female hormone-responsive reproductive sex organ of humans.
• Uterus is single in females.
• The function of the uterus is to receive a fertilized ovum.

S8. Ans. (b)
• Excretion is the process in living organisms that eliminates waste matter.
• Kidney is an excretory organ of mammals that removes excess and unnecessary material from the body fluids.

S9. Ans. (c)
• Heavy water is D2O. (Deuterium oxide).

S10. Ans. (b)
• Keratin is a fibrous structural protein found in hairs.
• It is Insoluble in water and protects epithelial cells from damage or stress.

Bihar GK Questions PDF

Candidates can check out the Bihar GK questions by downloading the pdf from the link provided below. These top 100 questions will help you in multiple exams. In this PDF, along with questions candidates will get answers as well. Candidates first try to solve the given questions by themselves and then match your answers provided in the PDF.

Top 100 Bihar GK Questions 2022

Bihar GK Questions

Candidates can also attempt quizzes of Bihar SI free of cost from the link provided below. If you are also going to appear in the Bihar SI Mains exam then it will help you a lot. Sharing is caring, therefore share this post with your friends as well.

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