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CAIIB BRBL Exam Analysis 2023, 10 December Exam Review

CAIIB BRBL Exam Analysis 2023

The fourth compulsory paper of CAIIB Exam 2023 is Banking Regulations and Business Laws(BRBL). The November-December session of CAIIB Exam 2023 has been scheduled on 10 December 2023. Candidates who appeared for the examination found the difficulty level of the paper to be Moderate-Tough. Aspirants can scroll down the given post for the complete CAIIB BRBL Exam Analysis 2023, 10 December Exam Review.

CAIIB BRBL Nov-Dec Exam Analysis 2023

CAIIB BRBL Exam Analysis 2023 is one of the important source to get the complete insight of the examination for the aspiring banking and financial sector employees. CAIIB BRBL Nov-Dec Exam Analysis 2023 highlights the difficulty level and questions asked in the various shifts. Our expert faculty members have evaluated and covered the CAIIB BRBL Exam Analysis 2023 on the official YouTube channel “OfficersAdda247”.

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CAIIB BRBL Exam Analysis 2023, 10 December, Shift 1

The 1st Shift of CAIIB BRBL November-December Exam 2023 has been successfully conducted at the various centres and according to the banking and financial sector employees, the level of the paper was Moderate-Tough. After the CAIIB BRBL Exam Analysis 2023, we have listed down the questions asked.

  1. Indian Contract Act, 1872
  2. Indian Partnership Act
  3. Information Technology Act, 2000
  4. Right To Information (RTI) Act, 2005
  5. Pre
  6. RBI Act
  7. BR Act
  8. MCLR (Marginal Cost Of Lending Rate)?
  9. What is the minimum set up capital required for a local area bank?
  10. Maximum Amount In Payment Bank Customer
  11. Which Is Not Specified Transaction Under PMLA?
  12. What is the correct time period for appealing from debt recovery tribunal (DRT) to debt recovery appellate tribunal (DRAT) in cases other than SARFAESI?
  13. What Is the Provision For Advance To Commercial Real Estate
  14. NBFC Base Layer To Maintain NPA In 90 Days From?
  15. Which Does Not Come Under NBFC ML?
  16. Who can initiate CIRP?
  17. Who Is In Charge For Resolution Professionals?
  18. Amount Limit For State Commission
  19. If RBI Remove MD of Bank then he can apply with?
  20. What Is Valid Contact?
  21. One Buy Insurance From a Company for his shop so the company is?
  22. If Ajay made a contact for supply of skin of tiger in Rs.599 per piece. Is It a Valid Contact?
  23. Maximum Number of Partners(100) in a partnership is defined under?
  24. Purpose Of RTI Is?
  25. A give loan to B on guarantee of C, then choose the correct, B-Prinicipal Debitor, A-Creditor, C-Surety
  26. Chapter 2 of MSME is about?
  27. What was the Primary Focus of the advisory group chaired by R H Patil in March 2001?
  28. What Is Default Under SARFAESI Act?
  29. What Is Financial Asset Under SARFAESI Act?
  30. Bailment
  31. Pledge
  32. Borrower Asset Debt Definition
  33. Year For Payment & Settlement Act
  34. What is the Jurisdiction of the District Commission in entertaining complaints under the specified condition?
  35. Sales Of Good Act
  36. Fine For The Cheque Bounce
  37. Indemnity
  38. Illegal Goods Definition
  39. Contract Of Guarantee(Parties)
  40. Types Of Agent
  41. Right To Appropriation
  42. Negotiable Instruments Act,  1881
  43. What is the limitation period for a mortgaged property without an auction?
  44. Payment Settlement Act Year
  45. Financial Debt
  46. Definition Of Asset
  47. Banking Act
  48. Prevention Of Money Laundering Act
  49. Unfair Trade Practice
  50. RBI do the annual financial inspection(AFI) under which section of BR Act?
  51. What is the maximum and minimum limit for CRR which is maintained under RBI Act 1934 section 42(1)?
  52. Which Is Not A Current Account Transaction Under FEMA?
  53. Integrated Ombudsman Scheme
  54. Certificate Of Deposit
  55. If a person is not satisfied with decision of Banking Ombudsman he can apply with Applet Authority within?
  56. What is the minimum initial contribution required from the promoter to the paid-up-equity capital of a payments bank for the first five years from the commencement of its business?
  57. Rule 3 of the Rules(as amended in 2013)
  58. Provision rate according to the RBI’s guidelines from October 1, 2022 for NBFCs classified as NBFC-CL
  59. What is the requirement for NBFCs with 10 or more branches regarding core banking solutions(CBS)?
  60. A contracts to indemnify B against the consequences of any proceeding which C may take against B in respect of a certain sum of Rs.200. In the given illustration, who is the indemnifying party?
  61. Amit contracts to supply 100 kilograms of elephant tusks to Bhaskar for Rs.10,000. This contract is for?
  62. X lends Rs.10,000 to Y. Z guarantees repayment of the loan to X in case Y Defaults. In this scenario?
  63. Warranty
  64. According to the provided information: In Chapter II, what is the main subject addressed regarding the National Board For Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises?
  65. According to the SEBI Listing Agreement, listed companies, including banking companies are required to provide unaudited financial results on a quarterly basis starting from the quarter ending on March 31, 2000. What type of review is conducted by the auditors before furnishing these results?
  66. What power does the new section 45MAA grant to the RBI concerning auditors of RBI-regulated entities?
  67. What is the requirement for a foreign bank operating in India under sub-section (2) of section 11 of the BR Act regarding the amount to be kept with the Reserve Bank?
  68. Under the Integrated Ombudsman Scheme 2021, what is the role of the Centralized Receipt and Processing Centre set up at RBI, Chandigarh?
  69. Doctrine of caveat emptor in business transactions
  70. Subrogation in the context of suretyship
  71. Maximum account balance in payment bank

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CAIIB BRBL Exam Analysis 2023, 10 December, Shift 1: Video Link

CAIIB BRBL Exam Analysis 2023, 10 December, Shift 2 & 3

According to the aspirants who appeared for the CAIIB BRBL Exam 2023 in Shift 2 and 3 found the difficulty level of the paper to be Moderate. Candidates can refer below for the CAIIB BRBL Exam Analysis 2023, 10 December, Shift 2 & 3 Questions Asked.

  1. How does the Reserve Bank Of India(RBI)exercise its power to conduct Annual Financial Inspection(AFI) of banking companies and perform comprehensive risk assessment under “Risk Based Supervision”?
  2. What is the legal status of the contract if A pledges movable goods to B, and B further pledges the same goods to C under the given circumstances?
  3. When a customer tenders an outstanding cheque for collection, requests the bank for instant credit, and the bank makes the payment before receiving funds from the customer’s bank. what is the position of the bank in this scenario?
  4. How does Section 31 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872, define contingent contracts?
  5. What characterizes a Usufructuary Mortgage?
  6. According to section 10B(4) of the BR Act, the majority of directors appointed under sub-section (1A)are required to have specific knowledge and practical experience in which field?
  7. What is the full form of “SPARC” in the context of the banking sector’s “Supervisory Program on Assessment of Risk and Capital”?
  8. Payment and Settlement Act was inacted in?
  9. IBC-2 Case Study
  10. PCA Minimum Punishment for habitual offender
  11. PATIL Committee related to
  12. NI Act-Interim Compensation
  13. CP and CD
  14. SARFAESI Act
  15. Non Negotiable or account payee crossing is instruction from drawer to?
  16. Where the information requested for, concern the life or liberty of person, the same shall be provided in how many hours?
  17. IT Act Not Applicable
  18. Bail/Pledge
  19. SARFAESI-Movable Goods/Debt of Security
  20. Appellate Authority Of Ombudsman
  21. Audit Financial Of Bank by RBI Under BR Act?
  22. Doctrine of Caveat Emptor Casts Upon
  23. An individual for purchase of how many % share of banking company required a prior approval of RBI?
  24. Maximum Holding Period of Director
  25. Limitation Period Of Mortgage
  26. How many types of mortgage
  27. Minimum Age To be chairperson of tribunal
  28. R H Patil Committee
  29. IT Act Not Applicable to
  30. Interim Compensation %
  31. Case Study On Directors Skill/Experience
  32. % of total directors having specialized skill in private limited
  33. From which field majority of directors have experience sec 10 A of BR Act
  34. Customer tender outstanding cheque for collection and request bank for instant credit. What is the position of Bank?
  35. Capital share in Small Bank
  36. Payment bank
  37. If license of bank is cancelled where you can appeal-2 questions
  38. Safe custody of goods-relation between bank and owner(no debt involved)
  39. DRT/DRAT
  40. SPARC Full Form
  41. Pledge
  42. Relation Of Bank & Customer
  43. Prevention Of Corruption Act-Punishment
  44. Payment & Settlement Act Year
  45. Cheque
  46. Safe Custody-Bank
  47. Assignment
  48. TRAI
  49. SOGA-3-4 Questions
  50. CIRP
  51. FSDC Chairperson
  52. Company Act
  53. Mardia Chemical Case
  54. FEMA-Punishment
  55. Life Liberty
  56. Agent
  57. IOS Appellate Authority
  58. IT Appellate Authority

CAIIB BRBL Exam Analysis 2023, 10 December, Shift 2 & 3: Video Link

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What are the factors included in the CAIIB BRBL Exam Analysis 2023?

The factors included in the CAIIB BRBL Exam Analysis 2023 are difficulty level and questions asked.

Where can I get the CAIIB BRBL Nov-Dec Exam Analysis 2023?

CAIIB BRBL Nov-Dec Exam Analysis 2023 has been discussed in the given post.

What was the level of CAIIB BRBL Nov-Dec Exam 2023, Shift 1?

The level of CAIIB BRBL Nov-Dec Exam 2023, Shift 1 was Moderate-Tough.

What was the level of CAIIB BRBL Nov-Dec Exam 2023, Shift 2 & 3?

The level of CAIIB BRBL Nov-Dec Exam 2023, Shift 2 & 3 was Moderate.

Where can I get the questions asked in the CAIIB BRBL Exam 2023?

The questions asked in the CAIIB BRBL Exam 2023 in the various shifts have been provided in the given post.