Celebrating Navratri with 9 Women Heroes!! Lets Salute Swati Rawal

This Navratri let’s celebrate the real Goddess of India. We are starting a series to applaud nine women superheroes who are the true faces of the goddess. Each day we will be telling you about one such woman who is an inspiration to many people. First in this list is Captain Swati Rawal. Let’s take a look at her heroic action.

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Coronavirus has taken over the world and everything has come to halt. There are many Indians who are stuck overseas and are waiting for their motherland to bring them back home. The government of India has started the program to bring back Indians from Italy where this deadly virus has become a monster and has already taken many lives. The person who was given the responsibility is Captain Swati Rawal. She has led the charge and flew the Boeing 777 that brought home 263 Indians from Italy. She flew the plane into a coronavirus-hit country, risking her safety to ensure that our people came back to their families safely.

About Captain Swati Rawal

Captain Swati Rawal is not just a brave pilot but also a mother with a kid which makes here sacrifice even more significant. Swati has been flying for over 15 years and admitted that she wanted to be a fighter pilot but women were not allowed in the Air Force to fly, so she decided to become a commercial pilot. Though, she is doing exactly what a fighter pilot would do for her country in times of crisis.

Swati Rawal is the perfect example for all those women who dare to dream. We at bankersadda on the auspicious occasion of Navratri salute Captain Swati Rawal for her chivalry and bravery.

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