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Common Interview Mistakes You Should Avoid

Common Interview Mistakes You Should Avoid: As we know an interview is an integral part of the selection in any recruitment process. During the interview, the answer of the candidate decides whether he or she will qualify or not. As preparation for the written exams takes up the bulk of candidates, many of them neglect this important part of recruitment is the interview. To help candidates at every stage of the examination, we bring you some interview tips and some common mistakes that every aspirant should avoid during the interview which will enable the candidate to ace the interview phase of the examination. In this article, we will be going to discuss some common mistakes that you should avoid during the interview.

Common Interview Mistakes You Should Avoid

What candidates do during an interview is viewed as a sample of their personality and work. Everything you do is being judged because they don’t know you. Here are some common interview mistakes that candidates should avoid during their interviews.

  • Preparation is key to any interview. A lack of preparation gives you a major disadvantage over other aspirants and will cost you a job before you have even walked in the door. So always prepare well for the interview.
  • Many aspirants spend the night before an interview doing last-minute preparation and stressing out, which means they end up looking tired and increasing the chance of forgetting something vital. Looking tired will leave a bad impression on the interviewer. Always try to get a good night’s sleep before the day of an interview.
  • If you are currently working and the interviewer asks why you are leaving, be polite and humble. Criticizing your previous employer will leave a negative impression on the interview. Don’t criticize your previous job or company, simply saying that you want a change in your company or job.
  • The way you dress in an interview speaks to your professionalism. It’s important to present a groomed appearance, even if the dress code of the job place is more casual. But during the interview, you need to play it safe.
  • Candidates don’t need to memorize a script, but admitting your strengths and weakness will help you answer these types of common questions during the interview.
  • An interview is a great way for the interviewer to know about you. But they don’t need to know everything about you. What the interview panel wants to know is how you are useful to them. So, focus on how your skills can be used for the company/organization and not why you desperately need a job.
  • Before enter in the interview room, silence your phone. Texting during your interview is not only rude and disruptive but it’s a pretty clear message to the interviewer that getting the job is not your top priority.
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Common Interview Mistakes You Should Avoid in Hindi

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