Daily Vocabulary: 20th August 2019


To strengthen the crust and core of your English language what you need is new and effective words added to your dictionary every day. This is a tedious task if you sit with the dictionary every day. Adda247 brings to you a compact way of learning constantly and efficiently. This is today’s Vocabulary for the aspirants who are preparing for the various banking examinations. SBI Clerk, LIC ADOIBPS RRB, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk are some of the upcoming examinations which can be prepared with the aid of daily Vocabulary. Vocab will help you excel not just in the examinations but will help you sail through the Interview round of the examinations you are preparing for. The words you choose will accelerate you in the correct path towards success and we hope that this article serves the purpose.

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IRREFUTABLE(Adjective)निर्विवाद (विशेषण)
Meaning: Impossible to disapprove or deny.
Synonym:  unquestionable, incontrovertible,
Antonym: unreliable
Usage: I had to admit her argument had an irrefutable logic to it.

DILAPIDATED(Adjective) जीर्ण (विशेषण)
Meaning: Ailing to pieces or into disrepair
Synonym: tumbledown, ramshackle,
Antonym: smart, intact
Usage: The complex has been neglected and has become a dilapidated landmark in the city.

SPORADICALLY(Adverb) शायद ही कभी (क्रिया विशेषण)
Meaning: Not regularly or constantly
Synonym: Rarely, seldom
Antonym: Frequently, usually
Usage: They’d Kept in touch over the years, sporadically trading greeting cards and pictures of the kids.

ATTUNE(Verb) अनुकूल बनाना (क्रिया)
Meaning: Bring into accord, harmony, or sympathetic relationship
Synonym:  adapt, acclimatize
Antonym: disharmonize
Usage: A new parent has to attune to a baby’s schedule and personality.

CONTRAPTION(Noun)उपकरण (संज्ञा)
Meaning: A device or control that is very useful for a particular job.
Synonym:  gadget, apparatus
Antonym: Inconvenience, unavailability
Usage: The people wondered how the contraption worked.

DEMEANOR(Noun)आचरण (संज्ञा)
Meaning: Behaviour towards others.
Synonym: attitude, appearance
Antonym: Propriety, proper
Usage: When playing poker, don’t let your demeanor give away how good your cards are.

FACULTATIVE(Adjective)ऐच्छिक (विशेषण)
Meaning: Left to one’s option or choice, Optional
Synonym: Enabling
Antonym: Imposed, disabling
Usage: The last question in the examination was facultative

LACUNA(Noun) मध्यान्तर(संज्ञा)
Meaning: An empty space where something is missing
Synonym: Break, Interval
Antonym: Continuity, closure
Usage: If you complain that there is a major lacuna in the bake sale, the lack of brownies is probably to blame.

MEED(noun) पारितोषिक (संज्ञा)
Meaning: a much-deserved reward or honor
Synonyms: atonement, compensation
Antonyms: disregard, penalty
Usage: The handyman is owed a meed for his work on the home but is yet to be paid.

LULL (Verb)शांत करना (क्रिया)
Meaning: make (someone) feel deceptively secure or confident.
Synonyms: assuage, allay, ease, alleviate
Antonyms: aggravate
Usage: Rocking two and fro, the hammock was just what was needed to lull the exhausted man.