Daily Vocabulary: 24th January 2020

Learn ten new words today, which will help you to crack the exam, if you try to learn 10 words daily then It will help you in long run, here is the vocabulary of 24th January.

BENIGN (adjective) : सौम्य
Meaning: Gentle and kind.
Synonyms: Favorable, Gentle, mild, amiable
Antonyms: Harmful, Unkind, Violent.
Example: Most seizures are benig

INACTION (noun) : निष्क्रियता
Meaning: lack of action where some is expected or appropriate.
Synonyms: inertia, passivity, stagnation, acedia
Antonyms: busyness, energy, happiness, liveliness
Example: Now every minute’s inaction increased this spirit of restlessness.

AMNESTY (noun) : आम माफ़ी
Meaning: an official pardon for people who have been convicted of political offences.
Synonyms: forgiveness, immunity, reprieve, absolution
Antonyms: acquittal, amnesty, compurgation, exculpation
Example: It’s a thieves’ amnesty at this moment, and I must not lose the opportunity.

BANE (noun) : विपत्ति
Meaning: a cause of great distress or annoyance.
Synonyms: scourge, plague, ruination, destruction.
Antonyms: benefit, blessing, boon, felicity.
Usage: That evil is malevolent violence, a curse that is the bane of our human existence.

VITIATE (Verb) : भ्रष्ट करना
Meaning: spoil or impair the quality or efficiency of.
Synonyms: annihilate, negate, quash
Antonyms: allow, permit
Usage: You made a good decision, so don’t vitiate it by boasting about your success.

BENIGNANT (adjective) : कृपालु
Meaning: having or marked by sympathy and consideration for others.
Synonyms: benevolent, compassionate, humane, kindhearted.
Antonyms: atrocious, brutal, callous, fiendish.
Usage: The queen had a benignant reputation and was loved for her caring treatment of others.

IMPART(Verb) : प्रदान करना
Meaning:to transmit, bestow, or disclose
Antonyms:keep, withhold
Example:Parents must impart common sense to their children.

SLEAZY (Adjective) : निर्बल
Meaning: dirty, cheap, or not socially acceptable, especially relating to moral or sexual matters
Synonyms: trashy, sordid
Antonyms: good, nice
Example: This part of town is full of sleazy bars and restaurants.

MANOEUVRE (noun) : कुशलता
Meaning: a carefully planned or cunning scheme or action.
Synonyms: stratagem, tactic, gambit, ploy.
Antonyms: innocence, candor, simplicity, incapacity.
Example: A reasonable bridge building effort between activists and experts on both sides to try to address the issues through tactical maneuvers might be useful.

MALADY (Noun) : रोग
Meaning: a disease or ailment.
Synonyms: affliction,disorder, illness, disability
Antonyms: comfort, health
Example: in the olden days people were always suffering from some unknown malady.

SECLUSION (Noun) : तनहाई
Meaning: the state of being alone, away from other people
Synonyms: remoteness, aloneness
Antonyms: open, public
Example: In some societies women are kept in seclusion, so that they are hardly ever seen in public.

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