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Daily Vocabulary : 30th March 2020

BUOYED(verb) बढ़ावा देना
Meaning: to sustain or encourage (often followed by up)
Synonyms: bolster, boost
Antonyms: depress, deplete
Usage: Her courage was buoyed by the doctor’s assurances.

INCOMMODIOUS (Adjective) असुविधाजनक
Meaning: Causing inconvenience or discomfort
Synonym: annoying, awkward
Antonym: convenient, comfortable
Usage: Because the heating unit is not working, it is rather incommodious in the house.

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FIAT (NOUN): व्यवस्थापत्र
Meaning: a formal authorization or proposition; a decree.
Synonyms: order, command
Antonyms: denial, disapproval
Usage: The reforms left most prices fixed by government fiat.

Synonyms: modern, present-day
Antonyms: old-fashioned, out of date
Usage: The event was recorded by a contemporary historian.

CONTEND (VERB): संघर्ष करना
Meaning: struggle to surmount (a difficulty).
Synonyms: cope with, grapple with
Antonyms: surrender, allow
Usage: She had to contend with his uncertain temper.

Meaning: a sudden panicked rush of a number of horses, cattle, or other animals.
Synonyms: rush, flight
Antonyms: retreat, standing
Usage: The herd was fleeing back to the high land in a wild stampede.

Meaning: written or spoken communication or debate.
Synonyms: conversation, talk
Antonyms: silence
Usage: They understand the language of political discourse only.

MOLDER (verb) गलना
Meaning: Slowly decay or disintegrate, especially because of neglect.
Synonym: decay, decompose
Antonym: Renew, restore
Usage: if you store your books in the damp basement of your uncle’s house, they are sure to molder.

AGITATION(verb) आंदोलन
Meaning: a state of anxiety or nervous excitement.
Synonym: anxiety, perturbation, disquiet
Antonym: calmness, relaxation
Usage: Payal entered the room with an agitated face.

POLYMATH(noun) बहुश्रुत
Meaning: a person of wide knowledge or learning.
Synonyms: intellectual, genius
Antonyms: Fool, illiterate
Usage: His CV reads something like a masterclass in being a polymath: he was an accomplished musician and designer.

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