Daily Vocabulary: 31st January

Learn Vocabulary daily, and improve word list and improving vocab helps you to ace exams like RBI Assistant, SBI Clerk, IBPS PO, LIC AAO. you can use these words in your Daily Language.

ABOLITION (noun) : उन्मूलन
Meaning: the action of abolishing a system, practice, or institution.
Synonyms: cancellation, destruction, dissolution
Antonyms: approval, beginning
Example: Elijah Lovejoy, an Illinois abolition editor, was killed by a mob.

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INEXORABLE (Adjective) : निष्ठुर
Meaning: Impossible to stop or prevent
synonym: intransigent, unbending
Antonym: Kind, Nice
Example: Her inexorable discipline soon made the shivali a model for the rest of her team.

DRUB (Verb) : पीटना
Meaning: hit or beat (someone) repeatedly.
Synonyms: thrash, trounce, spank, beat
Antonyms: aid
Example: Continuing to drub the victim with his fist, the attacker didn’t stop until the police showed up.

SAVVY (Noun) : व्यावहारिक ज्ञान रखना
Meaning: shrewdness and practical knowledge; the ability to make good judgements.
Synonyms: shrewdness, acumen, acuity, sagacity
Antonyms: inexperience, ignorance
Example: When the savvy investor sold his stock before its value dropped, he made a very profitable transaction.

PARAGON (Noun) : अत्युत्तम मनुष्य या वस्तु
Meaning: a person or thing viewed as a model of excellence.
Synonyms: epitome, standard, ideal, embodiment
Antonyms: flaw, imperfection, worst
Example: As a paragon of purity, a nun would never dress inappropriately.

TORMENT (Noun) : यातना
Meaning: severe physical or mental suffering.
Synonyms: suffering, torture, pain, anguish
Antonyms: pleasure, joy
Example: Every day when he got on the bus, the bully began to torment the quiet child.

COPIOUS (Adjective) : प्रचुर
Meaning: abundant in supply or quantity.
Synonyms: abundant, superabundant, plentiful, ample, profuse
Antonyms: sparse
Example: It takes a copious amount of food to suppress my hungry appetite.COPIOUS (Adjective) : प्रचुर

dysfunction(Noun) ; रोग
Meaning: disruption of normal social relations.
Synonym: Impaired
Antonym: Unimpaired, fit
Example: The West knew that these institutions were dysfunctional – but not to which breathtaking extent.

STRINGENT (adjective) : कड़ी से कड़ी
Meaning: not allowing for any exceptions or loosening of standards
Synonyms: brassbound, cast-iron, exacting, hard-line, inflexible, rigid, rigorous,
Antonyms: flexible, lax, loose, relaxed, slack
Example: There are stringent rules against unauthorized persons being in our building.

XENOPHOBIC (adjective) : अज्ञातजन भीति/ विदेशी द्वेश
Meaning: having or showing a dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries.
Synonyms: racist, racialist, ethnocentric, ethnocentrist.
Antonyms: bountiful, permissive, thoughtful, lenient.
Example: As a result, the new parliament is distinctly more xenophobic and illiberal than its predecessor.

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